Are High Variance Slot Machines Really the Best?


So we all know slot machines are great – they sometimes pay big, you just have to catch them at the right time. Now how is that done exactly? How do the players do it to finally end up being the ones that celebrate the big win?

Well, just like everything else in life, it can get quite complex. Some players even believe that there is the best time to play slots – and in fact they’re right. Just read that article we linked to and see for yourself. There is another good article we want you to read that explains how to win on slots.

However, even a lucky player can simply start playing some slot machine and win immediately without any preparation or knowledge about anything related to casinos or slots. That can and does happen, though if you’d be playing like that all the time you’d definitely be losing money. For any kind of expectation that you’ll be winning regularly, you need a strategy. Yes, including the best time to play slots!

High Variance vs Low Variance

It is almost universally accepted that you should be playing high variance slots and not low variance slots. Even the medium variance slots are deemed not very profitable. Let’s explain why is this so and are the players maybe wrong on this one.

The main thing a slot machine has to be able to do is to pay big. It is inevitable you will have maximum luck at some point and will therefore get the best win the slot machine has to offer. This is universal among all slots. Well, you want that best win to be really important, life changing even. When you do get lucky – you want that luck to bring you a huge win.

What’s wrong with Low Variance Slots?

Not all slots are like that. Some are designed to keep the players comfy, pampering them with frequent small wins, not letting them lose too much money but at the same time not letting them make a lot of money either.

This is considered to be a surefire way to lose money, as the low variance slots won’t let you get ahead of the game with one huge win, but will instead keep you hovering around the same level while the house edge eats away your bankroll slowly but surely.

How to Examine a Slot Machine Properly

The most important thing you can check when looking at a slot machine is how much money is it capable of paying on one spin. No one will tell you that, you have to check for yourself. Look at the paytable, see how many coins does the best five-of-a-kind win bring, multiply that by the number of paylines.

Is there a bonus game? Some sort of a jackpot? Include that as well. For most players, the free spins game (or some other bonus round) is the key to making money. Take a close look at the mechanics of the free spins game in order to determine how much money it is likely to pay whenever you trigger it. Perhaps read some review, play the slot game in demo mode. In most cases, the free spins game is the key to making money on a slot machine.

Progressive Jackpots

Then there are also progressive jackpot slots, but the good ones are actually quite rare, and this is a completely different thing. People who play progressive jackpot slots play them repetitively every day without ever enjoying the game, putting their disposable income into this well. It has nothing to do with making money on “ordinary” slot machines.


If you’re serious about making money on slot machines, you’ll increase your chances to win by following these rules. Find a high variance slot machine that can deliver a big win, either through the paytable or through the free spins game. Avoid low variance slots that pamper players, as they’re designed for amateurs and for people who want to avoid risk. You don’t – you want risk, and are confident about hitting that big win sooner or later. That’s the way to play slots.

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