Gambling Sites that Provide the Best User Experience 


The world of betting and gambling has significantly grown over the years and it continues to do so. Nowadays, we live in a primarily digital world and even betting and gambling has now gone digital. Online casinos and betting places have grown in both popularity and usage. People who like to place their bets every now and then find the digital approach much more convenient. They can decide to gamble whenever they feel like it, whether it’s from their home or while they’re on the move.

As a matter of fact, betting via mobile devices has now become a standard, especially since mobile traffic has surpassed that of a desktop. And, since mobile devices are being used primarily, it’s of the utmost importance for gambling sites to provide the best and the most seamless experience to their users. That being said, here are a few gambling sites that provide the best user experience and how they accomplish that.

Simplicity at its finest

When talking about user experience (UX) it’s important to understand that consumers want a seamless experience without any misunderstandings or hindrances. That’s why it’s important to make things as simple as possible. For example, AskGamblers website provides such an experience and more.

“The less time people are using their cognitive power trying to do what they want to do, the more time they’ll spend on your service.”

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Their site is easy to navigate, and people can seamlessly find any relevant information, such as reviews, offers, functionality factors and more regarding numerous online casinos in a fast and efficient way. What’s more, AskGamblers provides its users with various apps available for desktop, iOS and Android that can be used from any device. The simple, yet enriched UX is efficiently able to retain users.

Proper security

Cybersecurity is very important for consumers nowadays. This is especially true for people who like to gamble online. The main reason is that users want to be sure that their personal and financial information is properly secured and protected. That’s why security plays a vital role in designing UX solutions.

For instance, LeoVegas online casino has a major focus on proper security measures. Regardless of the device users access their website from, such as tablets, smartphones or desktop computers, their personal information is protected and encrypted using a top-of-the-line SSL encryption provided by DigiCert, which makes it impossible for user data to be compromised.

Convenience and support

Another important factor in an excellent UX is convenience. Users prefer to know where their stand with an online casino and they want any issues they may have to be solved fast and efficiently. A good example of an online casino that provides such a service is a Bitstarz casino. For their ability to provide convenience, as well as their ability to resolve issues, Bitstarz has earned a Certificate of Trust from AskGamblers website.

They have an exceptionally easy-to-access customer support service that’s available 24/7 to all of their users across the world. What’s more, this casino offers a wide array of slot games that can be played on any device and they feature an innovative, as well as a sophisticated design normally found in other popular slot games, such as NetEnt, Microgaming, iSoftBet and others. That way, users can rest assured that every game is indisputably random.

Customer needs

Every customer has certain expectations, needs and demands. The ability of a website to meet such expectations or needs determines how exceptional customer service and experience they’ll be able to provide. Therefore, caring for customer needs is one of the most important factors in UX. Based on customer needs, the way to ensure their satisfaction may vary.

For instance, Betsson casino provides their customers with personalization and a multitude of options that can suit their customer needs, including the 24/7 live gaming room that’s provided by Evolution Gaming. Customers can choose from a wide variety of games based on their personal preferences, such as virtual slot games, video poker variants, virtual card and roulette games and even the “other games” section. They also provide mobile gaming features that are compatible with HTML5 browsers.

When UX is involved, it’s important for online casinos to provide the best experience possible for their customers. The way casinos develop and design that experience depends on their customers but it’s important to understand what your customers truly want, in order to ensure an exceptional user experience.

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