How to become a successful affiliate


Being a casino affiliate can be one of the most lucrative decisions you’ve ever made. How come people make so much money off of it? Well, even though it LOOKS easy, it certainly isn’t. Not when you start at least, but it may very well become easy. Being an affiliate requires dedication, work hours, and relentless attitude. The good thing is, that it will always pay off in a big way, if you just keep at it. Keep improving, always try to innovate and you’ll see success. If you want a head start, grab these few tips below and start implementing them.

SEO and how to get around it

Truth to be told, it’s insanely hard to compete with the big boys, if you’re just starting. To beat the biggest companies in the world, you’d have to sacrifice millions of dollars just to master your SEO’s. For someone who’s just starting a one-man-operation of casino affiliating, this is a big no no. There isn’t a way to completely avoid doing SEO, but you might want to look other options of engaging potential customers when you’re starting out. Social media is a good place to start, as you can be creative there. Make new accounts, use social media bots to create a lot of content and try to reap the benefits.

Negotiating better deals when you have some leverage

Don’t be afraid of negotiating better affiliate deals when you have some traction. If you’re bringing tens of new customers every month, you need to be asking more percentages than you’re getting right now. Some affiliate deals already have steps you can take if your business starts blooming, but never underestimate the power of leverage. Also, try to keep your cool with the affiliate managers, and under no circumstances make any threats to them. Threats like “I am leaving if you do not pay me XX%”. That’s a guaranteed way of getting sacked from being an affiliate, and possible losing all the customer revenue you already brought. Be civil.

Watch how others do it

Don’t try to invent the wheel again. Watch what other affiliates are doing right, and try to pick your favourites. Don’t copy them, but rather take inspiration from them. Don’t look them as gods, but seek flaws and improve them on your own. Visit events that revolves around iGaming and affiliating, and try to make connections with your “colleagues”. A good example of a great affiliate site is this for example: Memorize what they are doing right, and try to innovate things they are lacking.

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