The jackpot Gambling are the Sparkles


The progressive jackpot is one of the players’ favorite prize pools and thanks to the fantastic games created by Microgaming more and more users have managed to become millionaires thanks to the network that connects the games that participate in this jackpot. In 2009, a 36-year-old Greek player managed to claim a € 6.3 million prize by taking on Lady Luck at River Belle Online Casino. Interviewed by journalists, Georgios’ words were “We must never lose hope; a small moment can completely change your life.”

Another Swedish player who becomes a millionaire

In this case it is a player who was able to win € 7.6 million in November 2012 by playing the Hall of Gods slot machine within the Unibet Online Casino platform. What to do with all this money? Obviously, finish paying your mortgage and plan a great family vacation in Southeast Asia. Buying a new car? Why not, this was the idea of ​​the winner of the huge record jackpot won at Unibet Casino. For joker123 this is important.

A Guinness Book of Records win

Once again we are in Scandinavia. On September 24, 2011, a Norwegian player was able to win a prize pool of € 11,736,375. This is obviously a record win also for the Guinness Book of Records and all this by playing with the famous Mega Fortune slot machine. Have you ever thought what could happen if you win such an award? Well, the Norwegian player was unable to sleep for quite some time before he calmed down and fully understood what had happened while playing. All this led him to establish a new world record.

Another first for online slot machines

Trying your luck is no doubt a lot of fun, but winning a € 17,861,800 prize pool by simply betting 25 cents doesn’t seem real. However, this occurred in Finland on January 20, 2013, when the Mega Fortune jackpot was once again won in an online casino by playing the famous slot machine created by the software house Net Entertainment. The winning player declared “I was crying and laughing at the same time.”

Having to compete against giants who have countless advantages on their side (the premium, insider information, sophisticated analysis tools and so on) it is easy to think that winning with bets in a professional way is impossible. But that’s not the case: just as there are poker pros, there are also many people who make a living by betting.

Each has a different strategy and approach, but these four can certainly be trusted: the results and bans received by dozens of bookmakers for excessive winnings speak for them. Do you want to pursue the dream of becoming a betting professional? Start with the tips of these four betting phenomena, collected from the Football Forever website.


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