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Many betting strategies originally intended for casinos later moved into the field of betting shops. Oscar Grind’s betting strategy also appeared. On the Internet, sometimes it is also called “AntiMartingale.” Let’s see how Oscar Grind’s strategy works on bets in betting shops.

In its content, Oscar Grind’s strategy is quite simple. At the same time, it is able to provide effective winnings provided that there is a good understanding of the competitions in question. Using this strategy, conducting detailed analytics will be a huge bonus for earning. In Mega88 this is important.

Conditions of use

The principle of Oscar Grind’s strategy provides for a preliminary assessment of the field of activity before starting to invest. During the preliminary assessment, make sure that:

  • the coefficients of the selected outcomes of events have a value of at least 2.
  • when making the first bet, the amount not exceeding 1 / 12th of the user game bank will be spent.
  • If each of these conditions is ensured, then we can proceed to step-by-step actions for using the strategy.

Features of use

Unlike the Martingale strategy, Oscar Grind’s betting strategy involves increasing the bet not after losing, but after winning. The terms of use of this strategy provide for an increase in the bet on the initial win. And a return to the original rate, in the event that after the increase made there was also a win.

The use of the Oscar Grind system in football

In a situation when a player loses after the second bet, the next bet should remain unchanged compared to the previous one. Thus, in accordance with the strategy of Oscar Grind, you must play at higher rates until you reach two victories in a row. After victories, return to the original bet.

Oscar Grind System Example

We will analyze Oscar Grind’s strategy using a simple example to quickly understand its essence and try to apply it. Let’s say a game bank (bankroll) is 2400 dollars. We put on the first game 1/12 of this amount, i.e. 200 dollars.

If the first bet is played, then the second bet is 400 dollars. When you win the second bet, the cycle ends. As a result, we have the following bank: 2400 + 200 + 400 = 3000 dollars. Then we begin the cycle anew, putting 200 dollars.

If the first bet is lost, then we do not change the subsequent bet and also bet 200 dollars.

Oscar Grind’s strategy

As you can see from the example, to be in the black, you need to get at least half the winnings in bets. However, according to probability theory, winning bets with a coefficient of more than 2.0 is quite difficult. And the strategy is designed for at least 2.0. And rely on random wins with this strategy is not worth it. We need a thorough analysis of the events before the bet. Refer ufabet for more betting options. Click UFABET for more information


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