11 Facts About the Eurovision Song Contest You Didn’t Know


The Eurovision Song Contest, held every year, is a popular fixture in the calendar. This famous contest is televised live around the world and while it may not broadcast the best in musical performances, it certainly delivers great entertainment value. Did you know these Eurovision facts?

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Early Days of the Eurovision Song Contest

  1. The very first Eurovision Song Contest took place in Switzerland and the contest happened on May 24th, 1956.

Winners and Losers

  1. The UK has won the Eurovision Song Contest five times, and has been in second place in the finals 15 times. But success has not been prominent in recent years for the UK.
  1. In-between 1999 and 2013, there have only been two top 10 places for the UK.
  1. Ireland has not had a great presence in the Contest, and in 2013 Ireland’s entry won only 5 points.
  1. Norway has scored “nul points” four times, which is more than any other contestant in the contest. They have also come last a total of 10 times, which is a Eurovision record.
  1. In 1969 four countries got exactly the same votes – France, the Netherlands, the UK, and Spain, and therefore there were four winners.

Rules of the Eurovision Song Contest

  1. The rules of the Eurovision Song Contest state that any song cannot go over three minutes. There must be no more than six people performing on the stage, which includes backing dancers and singers, and there must be no animals on stage.
  1. Solely instrumental numbers are not permitted in the Contest.

Eurovision Today

  1. The grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest, which is actually the main event that people tune in to watch, is decided from the results of two semi-finals. But not all countries have to go through the semi-final stages. France, Germany, Italy, the UK and Spain are all guaranteed entry into the final as they give the most money to the European Broadcasting Union. Plus, the winner of the previous year’s contest is automatically granted a place in the final each year.
  1. The country that won the previous year’s contest must host the event the next year.
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