6 Bitcoingg Strategic Ways Every Player Can Avoid Scam Bitcoin Casinos


While the application of bitcoin in the gambling industry has gone viral, it is important to take good notes of the wolves in sheep clothing hunting and prepared to devour your coins. The digital currency, especially bitcoins has been wildly adopted by the online gambling industry.

Due to It’s indispensible application and It’s unstoppable rate of stemming, scammers have developed several guises to extort and divert bitcoins from users/player by creating charming casino sites.

Though there are many ways to avoid scammers, but here’s four strategic ways to avoid them to the last;

#1 Thoroughly investigate the history of the casino existence: One of the strategic ways to investigate scam is to check on the longevity of the casinos existence. The gambling industry has been in existence for over 20 years now, but the bitcoin casino sites have merely been in existence for the past 2-3 years. Meanwhile, casino sites with this longevity are likely to be trusted for business. In other words they’ve been paying out players who win at the appropriate time. Top ranked Bitcoin casinos listed on Bitcoingg are important to avoid scam and future problems. Make sure to leave your comment on the casino review page and learn from the history of the bitcoin gambling operator.


On the contrary, bitcoin casinos that are fewer years lesser are more likely to be scammers. I’m not saying that casinos with longevity of 2-3 years are totally perfect. Some might be scammers with full pretence that aim at accumulating prodigious funds before closing down.

However, the casinos you should be after must have a good online reputation and an appealing history of paying their winners.

#2Thoroughly research on the casinos online review: This is also a smart way to spot out the best casino sites. Several Players who have had experiences with some of this casino have shared their view about them. Research more aboutthese players’perspectives and reviews aboutthe casino site. For instance sites like bitcoincasinos.review focuses on updating the online review of some of this casinos. Perhaps, you can easily verify the trustworthiness of the bitcoin casino.

Note: there are some people who due to their carelessness lost all they’ve invested and blame the casino for their misfortune. They go as far as blacklisting some of this reputable site.

#3 Don’t be easily moved/wowed by Unrealistic bonuses and promotion: Most scammers uses this as a technique to lure players and investors to their sites. If you don’t want to be a victim of this; avoid being moved or wowed by their unrealistic offerings’ in the guise of bonuses and promotion.

#4 Don’t fall too easily for personal advertisement: Whenever you are contacted by some of this casinos site directly, don’t be too forward to invest your bitcoins on their casino without properly investigating their reputations and their payment history.

 Recently, it was discovered that most of these scammer go as far as opening legitimate online sites and appear to be harmless. Be a watch dog over this.

#5 Sign up with transparent and certified provably fair casinos:Provably fair games technology synonymously operates like the bitcoinblockchain; where every transaction is recorded on the public ledger to ensure transparency. With such industrial standard, there won’t be room for shady deals or fraudulent transactions between the bettor and the casino.

#6 Seek information from the community: Seeking information from Communities is a great way to look into scam bitcoin casinos. It’s a place where several players even the scammed once, sharestheir own perspectives and experiences with some bitcoin casino.

On the internet today, there are lots of powerful techniques used by scammers; while we don’t know who will be next, be very careful and be very sure of the casino you are dealing with.

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