All about Satta Matka Game


The daily increase in the economy makes the people unable to fulfill their needs in the confined space of salary. Moreover, the increases in pay also lead to improvements in luxury, which becomes a necessity. So, the person needs to work hard if they want to fulfill their dreams. However, there are many shortcuts to earn money, and people often try such paths to achieve their luxury targets. Such alternatives include options such as lottery and Satta Matka.

The words sound illegal, but they are legal in many places. For example, Matka is legal in Maharashtra, and people participate in it to earn money. Moreover, the lottery is also popular in many places in the world. However, both things work on a fluke. There is no logic or strategy involved with which the person can win the lottery. So, investing in Satta and lottery might be a risk because the person would not be able to achieve anything out of it. The game has been famous since the ancient world, and the popularity had its charm in one of the decades. So, the history of the Satta Matka would help in understanding the concept in depth.

History Of SattaMatka

The Satta, usually known as gambling, came into existence in India after independence. In the 1950s, the game known as AnkadaJugar became popular in various states of the country. The original game involved betting on the cotton trades. The stocks have opening, and closing values, and the person can bet on the numbers. The larger bets were held on the numbers dealing with shares transmitted to New York from Bombay. The business became legal and gained a lot of popularity from the 1980s to the 1990s. However, in 1991, New York stopped the market, and the people had to look for other options.

SattaMatka Game

The game was a bit easy for some people and hard for others. The owner of the Satta game was Ratan Khatri, who gave the idea of the game. The scheme involved betting on imaginary numbers of closing and opening stocks of any products. The winner was chosen after putting 0-9 numbers in a Matka and drawing one umber on random. However, later, the people started drawing cards to find the Matka winner.

The development in the game leads to many options for betting. Furthermore, KalyanjiBhagat allowed beggars to bet with one rupee also. The game started developing the areas of the textile mill after shutting down the New York market betting. Many bookies got their income through this method, and they began expanding their business around the mill. However, the people involved in the Matka started various scandals that led to many criminal activities. The illegal activity of the murder of Suresh Bhagat leads to the shutdown of the business. The scandal becomes so dangerous that the Maharashtra police had to intervene and stop the company altogether.

Later, the people involved in the business had to look after other earning options. So, they started betting on cricket matches and other higher products. The people who won less started their lottery ticket business where they would make money through the lottery. The people who earned a lot from the Matka business were known as Matka king, and it was believed that they had excellent luck.

How To Select a Winner?

The Matka business involved a simple game in which the numbers were drawn on random from the Matka. So, the players had to set some rules while choosing the winner of the game. The usual rules include the numbers that would help in winning. The sequence was distributed, which would lead to winning. The series involved triple, double, and single—the triple consists of repeating the number three times, like 111. Double meant repeating two times like 121 or 122 or 112. And the single suggested, forming a series of unique numbers like 123, 234, or 345.

However, these days’people have started using cards for the game. There are online games name teen Patti that focus on the basics of the Matka game. However, the scandals related to the game has led to a ban on the games. Moreover, the highest betting is observed on IPL cricket matches, which has also turned out to be illegal. So, many online websites and apps run the betting business in disguise. However, all the sites and the apps still use the same rules of the game. The person with the triple card would win the game and all the money that was collected in the betting.

Cons OfMatka

The Matka game attracts many people because it asks for small investments. So, the person participates in the business, and if they do not win, then their losses keep on increasing. Thus, the major con would include the point where the person keeps on investing even if they are not winning. Moreover, many times, people depend on the game entirely and do not have any other source of income. So, the game can spoil the career and lives of many people.

Furthermore, there are no tricks on which the person can win the game. The drawing of the cards from the Matka is an act of blind. So, there is no guarantee of the results. Thus, the person needs to understand the basics of the game and keep aside a job through which they can earn. So, the game ensures some money, which is not enough to survive with luxury.

Thus, apart from Matka Satta, the people have started indulging in other games that do not give high returns but are safe to a greater extent. For example, a person can invest in the share market and earn some profit. However, before getting involved in any such games, they need to understand the risks that they are going to suffer. Many people had taken their lives when they were not able to fulfill the required quantity of money return. Thus, investing in the Matka game requires special attention and alertness.

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