Baccarat Tips from Professional Players


Since gambling moved in the online medium, many professional players choose to reap all the fun and the benefit of gambling by playing online rather than in a real casino. These tips are used by experienced players to analyze their odds before playing the baccarat game. Let’s see how professional players pick their games.

Bet the player odds

When they play baccarat most players bet the banker bet, but this is a bad tactic if you are using a betting technique. Even if the banker bet has better odds, it can return a loss when it’s paired with the Martingale technique or a progression method, so stay away from it and pick the player odds.

Check the odds before playing

This is intuitive, but unfortunately many beginners don’t check the odds before playing. Each time you enter a casino, offline or online, you need to make sure the odds are correct. Usually, the banker bet should be 5% – watch out for casinos where the bet is higher. Another thing to check is the player odds, which should be 1:1. However, many casinos use 8:1 or other odds, which are definitely not favorable for you.

Quit playing when you are still leading

Before you play, you should be figuring out the expected win. For example, you wish to win about 100$ in the gaming session. You start playing and after two hours you won 110$. This is the right moment to quit the game; if you continue to play, the chances to lose everything are growing bigger and bigger, so quit while you are ahead of the game.

Speaking of this, you should know the house is going to earn advantage as you play. The longer you play the game of baccarat, the higher the odds of losing will become. There are two ways to make sure you are leaving the game when the time is right.

First, you can decide before the game how many hands you are going to play: once you reach the number, just leave. Second, after you are winning a set number of hands, just leave. Most people are tempted to play on, especially if they win an uneven number, like 34$, because they want to make it an even number, like 50$. Long story short, play short sessions!

Control how much you lose in a game

Regardless what game you play, before you enter it, check how much money you have. Divide the sum by ten and the result is the amount of money you can play in one session. If you haven’t won anything after five hands, it’s time to leave the game and wait for another time to play. This tactic helps you prevent big losses and control your money better while gambling.

The best tactic you can apply when playing online baccarat is to take your time to analyze your odds, how much money can you lose and when to quit. If you don’t make the calculations before playing, you might get trapped in the gambling and lose a lot, so be wise and learn from the pros how to thrive in playing baccarat.

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