Betting Money Bonus Solutions for You


A bonus is a sum of money that will be offered by the casino to the player for several possible reasons. To learn more about this subject, you can click on the following link. What is certain is that land-based casinos do not practice this method. It has never happened to us that a casino manager came to meet us to thank us for playing in his casino and in return offered us 4 times the amount we had just played. Yet in online casinos this scene happens every day.

So not to be lost when you join one of the online casinos that we recommend, you can simply take note of the various bonuses that the casino will offer you.

Welcome Bonus

When you browse the Internet to find the casino of your dreams, you quickly realize that all casinos publish on the front page of their site in large font the amount of the welcome bonus. Yes, it is certain that this is one of the advantages they put forward to attract players.

This bonus is often the largest you will receive in the casino. It is expressed as a percentage and is 100% to 400% applied to your deposit, depending on the casinos you visit. Sometimes you can claim to get up to three welcome bonuses. Again, it depends on the casino.

Deposit Bonus

Once you have used your welcome bonus, you will be able to obtain reload bonuses for your next deposits. They will also be applied to your deposits but will be less important, from 50% to 200%. These bonuses will still be a good deal for players who will want to increase their starting capital to play. In you can have the best options open.

Loyalty bonus

When you are a regular player at an online casino, it gets noticed. And if you are loyal, the casino will obviously want to keep you in its players. You will be able to obtain VIP status and therefore join the popular club of the most important players but also receive free bonuses to thank you for your loyalty.

Sometimes it’s one-time bonuses but sometimes you will receive monthly bonuses which will be calculated according to the deposits you have made during the month, 15% or 20% of the total amount. If you concentrate all your deposits on a single casino that does this, it can get very interesting.

Birthday Bonus

It’s your birthday? So do not hesitate to tell the casinos where you are registered and in commercial vouchers, they will treat you with a free bonus. Do not expect a monstrous sum but 25 € or 30 €, it is quite possible.

Referral Bonus

If you are an online casino player, you may have friends who share the same passion as you. In this case, you only have one thing to do: simply tell them about your “love” for your casino. If your friends sign up and make a first deposit, then as a sponsor you will receive a sum of money to thank you for bringing other players.


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