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This is what you should know about the bonus of this home. Although you cannot make deposits via Skrill or Neteller to receive the bonus, you can do so by boleto bancário, Visa, Mastercard and bank transfer at Caixa, Bradesco, Banco do Brasil, HSBC, Itaú and Banrisul banks.

Decimal Probabilities

It is important to always use the same odd so you don’t get confused. Sometimes the odds are in the American format (-110, + 125) or in the fractional format (5/6, 11/20). Use the decimal format, in which 99% of Brazilian gamblers use it and that it has in all houses.

Searching and placing the bet

  • The ideal is to find a sport that has the closest chances, for that we recommend football.
  • There are dozens of daily games in football, and you as a Brazilian are aware of a lot that happens in the world of the ball.
  • At Betway you place the bet for / Back at Betfair you place the bet against / Lay


There are two 안전놀이터 rollover options and they are low. The first is for bets at odds of 1.75 or higher, the second at odds of 1.30 to 1.74.

First rollover

Bet 3x the total deposit + bonus at odds of at least 1.75. If the deposit is R $ 200 or more, a total of R $ 1,200 needs to be wagered on odds of at least 1.75.

Second rollover

Bet 24x the total deposit + bonus at odds of 1.30 to 1.74. If the deposit is R $ 200 or more, a total of R $ 4,800 will need to be wagered at odds of 1.30 to 1.74.

Bet Example

This weekend has Carpi and Palermo for Serie B of the Italian Championship. The odds are as follows in the 1 × 2 markets – use this market.


Here, bet on a draw at odd 2.90 .

This is the back bet of my method to win the bonus.

The amount of the bet is $ 100 ($ 50 deposit + $ 50 bonus).


Here attention is important

  • The blue buttons are please bets, while the pink buttons are VS / LAY bets. What matters to us are the pink buttons, so bet against the tie at odd 3.15.
  • Betfair is in euros, dollars or pounds.
  • In this case, we use Betfair in dollars. Then we convert the R $ 100 into a dollar, which on this day gives $ 31.31 dollars and this should be the value of your bet.
  • But you must have Responsibility in the amount of $ 67.32.

Betfair Responsibility

  • “The value of the liability is the value that depends on the odd. Let’s do a very simple example:
  • You bet $ 100 dollars against an X score , with odds of @ 2.50
  • Therefore, you are betting that this result will not occur. If it occurs, you lose. 

But how much do you lose?

In this case, you would lose $ 150. But why?

When you bet against, it is as if you were the bookmaker. That is, a player on the other side is betting $ 100 against you, and you are offering 2.50 odds for this result. So if this player wins the bet (if the result occurs), you have to call $ 100 times 2.50. That is $ 250. This is why you must have the liability amount: $ 150 in your account to ensure.


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