Capsa Susun: How To Play Chinese Poker Like A Pro


More and more people are playing Chinese poker as a side game online and in a live card room. Poker enthusiasts who like to break from the stress of playing long hours of tournament choose Capsa Susun.

Compared to traditional poker, Chinese poker has no hand reading, betting, and bluffing. You just arrange your cards, compare the results to other players, and then settle up. But overall, Capsa Susun is the same with poker in many ways particularly that it needs skill, the right combination, and luck.

How To Deal A Hand

All players have 13 cards, facing down. Four players can play one game of Chinese poker heads-up, considering that a full deck of cards comprises 52 cards only. The card game can also allow 3 persons to play one round. Note that all the cards are dealt out for all players. So, if there are only 3 of you, the 13 remaining cards will be discarded.

In the game of heads-up, you use all your 13 cards to play. For the next hand, you keep the second set to save dealing the cards again. Remember that you cannot get cards to the second while playing your current hand.

With your 13 cards, use them all to create three hands; the front hand, middle hand, and the back hand. You may arrange your cards any way you want, but make sure to follow the two main rules, which are:

  1. Distribute your middle hand and make it better than your front hand.
  2. Make your back hand better than your middle hand.

The Scoring For Chinese Poker

As soon as you have set your hand, place all your three hands in front of you, facing down. Together with your opponents, the showdown begins. Put your front hand closest to you, then the middle hand, and your back hand towards the center of the table. After that, you all flip the cards over and compare them by in groups.

The Scoring For Money

When it comes to Capsa Susun, you and your opponents can decide what kind of payout you will use. But in general, points = $ is the standard way to keep score in the game.

Before you begin a round of the game, give every point a monetary value. It depends on what you all decide. It could be as high as $1,000 or as low as 10c for every point. In fact, some people play Chinese poker without using money. You get 4 points if you win all three poker hands.

There are many ways to play Chinese poker, each with their own rules. What is important is that the players all agree to the rules they set before starting the game.


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