Casino Bonus Hunting- Unheard Of Strategies


Many poker players and professionals engage in casino bonus hunting to generate more money. They devise new casino bonus hunting strategies to gather more money to their account.A poker player can sign up with an online casino and create an online account with the casino for a specific amount. Most of the casinos give a bonus equal to the amount paid, while signing up as bonus. This doubles the money in one’s account. The casino asks the players to play and win a certain amount. Only after accumulating this amount, a person is allowed to withdraw money from his/her account.

The bonus hunters hop poker sites and amass larger bonus amounts. They play low risk games that give higher profits and deposit the amount specified by an online casino, which makes them eligible to withdraw the bonuses and the deposit amount. Since, low risk games that fetch a greater amount of money are available online; the bonus hunters find it very easy to hunt for casino bonuses. These bonus hunters abuse casino bonuses, since they engage in unethical practices to gather money, in their account. Click here taruhan bola to know about the website.

Counter-casino Bonus Abuse Strategies

Casinos have forged new counter-bonus abuse strategies to face the problems that arise, owing to the abuse.  Many online casinos have banned people belonging to a few countries, from using their sites, to safeguard themselves. They have adopted stringent rules to counter the problem.

Low wagering games that involve less risky stakes like black jack, roulette and baccarat are excluded from the games, provided in many sites. These games allow casino bonus hunters to win money, with lower stakes, involved. This strategy employed by the online casinos keeps abusers at bay but also affects the genuine ones. The poker enthusiasts who are amateurs and
desire to play low wagering games are not given an opportunity to play. So, a strategy like this affects legitimate players and abusers alike.Online sites have created a new strategy, which allows poker players to avail bonuses for wagering only on slot machines. This is less risky on the part of the casino, since the abusers do not sign up with the site and cannot avail other expensive bonus offers.

The casinos now are vigilant. Once a player is marked as a casino hunter, he is blocked from entering the site and forced to forsake his earnings from the cash games. The online casinos affiliated to the sites and endorsed by the site also isolate a player, who’s tagged as a casino bonus hunter.The casinos have also designed ‘sticky bonuses’, which allow the players to withdraw the amount offered as bonus, from the total amount in a player’s account. Despite these stringent rules, regulations, terms and conditions bonus hunters continue to devise new casino bonus hunting strategies. The online casinos are on their toes to figure out new plans to thwart their attempts.

In their rush to invite more customers, the online casinos have made themselves vulnerable to the bonus hunters. Innovative casino hunters select an ideal site that offers more cash bonuses and have low wagering requirements and invent new strategies to extract as much money possible. The casino bonus hunters take optimal advantage of the privileges and bonuses offered by the casino. Online poker rooms have become a casino bonus hunter’s haven, since they offer an imposing array of bonuses. For more Information, Please Visit : agen bola.

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