Best kind of poker to play online to gain real cash


Texas holdem poker is a type of a poker game and the main mission of the game is to make the best set of cards using any five community cards and two hole cards. In this particular type of poker, there are 10 hands of cards mainly. From lowest to highest they can be said as high card, one pair, two pair, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind and finally the big two which are the straight flush and the Royal flush, if you find this game interesting you can play it by going to the link

Description on the hands

High card pair does not have any pairs. The next one pair has a pair of aces. The two pair has three cards of the same letter. The players that play the game will be able to beat any of these pairs if they come across a straight pair, which means a sequential set of cards.

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The next powerful hand is the flush that is made by any five cards of which has the same symbol. The next strongest pair is the full house pair that is formed by three cards of the same number and two ace pairs. Next will be the four of a kind where the player will have 4 ace cards and a number card. The straight flush is made of 5 cards that have numbers in an order along with the same symbol. Finally the royal flush is the hand that is made of a king, queen, joker, and an ace along with number 10 card all which has the same symbol.

An explanation about how the game is played

The game is played in an elliptical table with 8 players seated around the table and the dealer sitting in the middle. Game begins to the clock wise side from the dealer. To the left of the dealer, the bets are called the small blind and the big blind. Small blind is half of the value of the big blind, and the value of big blind is the minimum bet at the table.

The table will stake to find the big and small blind values, after posting the blinds two cards are given to each of the players and these are called as hole cards, when they are given the pre flop round starts with the person seated on left to the big blind position. It’s called under the gun position.

When a player wants to play that person would have to match the previous bet amount by calling or double the bet by raising. One can also choose to bet all in, to bet all of their chips at any time. When a player has a useless hand that person can fold and pass his hand so that their chips will not be sacrificed. After this round the dealer reveals 3 cards facing up and it’s called the flop.

It consist of 3 cards that any player can use combining with their hole cards. After this round the post flop round begins with the player who is at the left to the dealer.  The player in the first position can either check, bet even by using all the chips or can fold the hand and pass the chance to the next player. When the first player bets, rest of the players will have to call or raise to stay in the game.

When in conditions where all players checks, the dealer introduces another face up card called the turn card then, the turn round starts and it goes in a similar manner. Finally dealer puts out the final card called the river, and the showdown round begins then. In the end all the players reveal their cards and the one with the best combination pair will be the winner and will get the money.


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