Guide to Download CapsaSusun


Chinese Poker which is also known as CapsaSusun in Indonesia, is a card game which you can easily enjoy at home with your family and friends. Nowadays, the online concept has made it a lot easier and you can play it from anywhere, anytime without any constraints. All you need is a system be it a PC, a laptop or a smartphone. 2 to 4 players can play this game with a pack of cards i.e. 52 cards. Each player should be distributed 13 cards each, which they need to arrange into three hands in the sequence of front, middle and back. Few things that you should keep in mind is the combination of the back hand has to be higher than the middle hand that of the middle hand should be better than the front hand.

Steps to download

With the introduction of the online casinos, you can now easily download CapsaSusunin your system, laptop or smartphone and enjoy playing it from the comfort of your home. To download this card game firstly you need to download the apk file. To install the same you need to visit Google Play Store. Irrespective of whether you are using Windows 7,8,10 operating system, Chrome, Mac or Ubuntu you can easily download the apk file to your device. All you have to do is, type out the name of the application in the search box and follow the instructions clearly set to download the apk file. Once the file has been downloaded open it to install.

Attractive features

The reason why CapsaSusun, the card gambling gamehas gained huge popularity amongstmost people is, it offers a number of attractive features like:

  • It is one of the most well-accepted card game in most of the Southeast Asia countries
  • The game can be downloaded for free and also no registration is required
  • You get the chance to play with millions of expert players worldwide
  • The game is packed with a lot of cool exclusive features that makes the session even more interesting
  • It is easy to master the tricks of the game
  • It can help you win millions of free coins

Capsa in Indonesia

This Asian poker game CapsaSusun has become extremely popular in Indonesia. The country has welcomed a huge number of online gambling games, CapsaSusun is just one of them. It is very similar to the normal poker game Arizona and is quite easy to play. The Indonesians have accepted this card game with open arms and even referred it to their friends and family members too. You will come across a lot of fan followers of this interesting game. This not only acts as a good time pass but also helps you earn easy money. You have enough exposure to enrich your skills by playing with the experts all over the world. So, download CapsaSusuntoday on your own PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone and play as long as you wish as per your convenience.The reason behind is, the more you play better are your chances of winning and you slowly get to master the game.

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