Evolution of Online Sports Betting


Tottenham Hotspur and Hereford United played against each other in a replay match in the FA cup. It was in the year 1996, the significance of the match is, it is the starting point of online sports betting. The first bet was 50$ by a Finnish participant; since then, it evolved and enhanced like never before. It crossed every geographical and cultural boundary and imprinted its footage all over the world. Today millions of people place their bet through the internet. The revenue of online betting is growing at an exponential rate and forecasted to grow more in the future. Advanced technology, innovative ideas are the reasons for rapid growth and immense popularity.

Legislative framework.

At the dawn of online sports wagering, there was no legal framework or regulation to monitor and supervise it. A mere license was enough to host the site and carry on their wagering activity. The rules and regulations were not up to mark and standardized. Many were honest, integrated to provide excellent service to customers. But on the other side of the continuum, counterfeit sites were operating to rip off people’s wealth. Many started with honest intentions but turned to fraudulent activities. Regulations are more stringent and consistent nowadays. Various online jurisdictions make online betting safer and secure. The licensing authorities follow strict rules while issuing the license to a wagering site. 안전놀이터 is such a site.

Increase in the number of the betting site

Intertops was the first online betting site launched in 1996, but within months followed by many. As the popularity of online betting increased, so did the number of sites. Today there are hundreds and thousands of it around the world. As more promoters launched online betting sites, the industry has become more competitive. A customer can choose the befitting site from thousands. This factor compelled them to be more efficient, effective, trustworthy, and customer friendly.

User experience

The purpose of betting sites remains the same, as that was from the beginning. The difference lies in the user experience of the customer. The difference is enormous. Previous betting sites only concentrated on the core business; they were not at all user-friendly. The graphics, animation was of primitive quality. The sites were heavy and slow, making it difficult for customers to put the bet. Modern sites with excellent graphics, contents give a tremendous user experience to the customer. Modern sites offer more options for depositing and withdrawing your money. Faster and secure money transfer. 24*7, customer service, including live chat, to solve your imminent problem. Faster settlement of claims. User experiences have radically improved over the period of time.

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