The Macau Club card game is said to be the most attractive online game card game redemption 2020 today. Not only has an eye-catching interface, the games are always updated, with many great prizes, but Game Bai Macau Club is also a very reputable online card game provider.

The most prestigious number 1 redemption game today

Game Bai Macau Club is a card game originating from Macau. The Game Bai Macau Club is designed by masters to create an unlimited playground for all ages. That is why Game Bai Macau Club is currently a famous name in the Asian card game market. The widespread coverage of the Game Bai Macau Club is owned by the leading Asian bookmaker. With the most monumental investment in the market, since its launch, Game Bai Macau Club has affirmed its position as a world-class card game.

The difference that makes Game Bai Macau Club’s reputation is that we are built and oriented towards the model of a miniature casino. Because of the growth and wide coverage, Game Bai Macau Club always focuses on the quality of its products by offering the best card game products and always puts the interests of customers first. Macau Club card game with a variety of online redemption games from legendary games such as South Forward, Mau Binh, Phom, Sam Loc, Blackjack… to new games always updated compared to the world card game market such as Poker, Keno, Mini Poker…

Top Popular Card Games on Game Bai Macau Club

  • Forward: It is a Vietnamese card game played by two to four people. This game uses Western cards to play and originates in China and is similar to playing Big Two, President of the West. The main types are: South Forward, Forward count the cards, North Forward. This is a game that is loved and known by many people in Vietnam. The aim of this game is that the player goes all the cards in hand before the opponent who plays with him, whoever is out of all the cards first will win.
  • Phom: With online card games to train players to have good judgment, quickness, and strong mentality. Experience in the card game and ability to memorize and think are the main factors that will help you win your opponent. Some card games also have a style like Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack … You’ll win completely if you can guess the cards of the opponent; especially those with lower and upper hand can choose the suitable trash cards.
  • Mau Binh: In Mau Binh at Game Bai Macau Club when arranging cards, it is important to note: Players must arrange the cards so that the front group must be stronger than the next. If the player does not follow these simple rules, the player will most likely be marked by the system as “Binh Lung”, almost like “Collapsing the Village”. Battle game at Game Bai Macau Club with great graphics, like players are experiencing in the most authentic casinos.
  • Poker and mini poker games: Poker is a card game with a mixture of gambling, strategy and skill. Poker games originated and are very popular in Western countries. It then spread around the world and became increasingly popular in Vietnam in recent years. At the Game Bai Macau Club, poker also attracts many gamers by the accuracy, transparency and anti-cheating system of players when playing poker on the Game Bai Macau Club system.
  • Xi To: Xi To is a very attractive card game. Players can win with less points if the mentality wins the opponent. There are many who consider Xi To as one of the most popular intellectual sports today.
  • Lieng (3 cards): Lieng is one of the most popular online card games today with progressive game and gambling. This card game has the advantage of simple gameplay and is not limited to many players, so it attracts a large number of players from the North to the South.
  • Sam Loc: Sam Loc has a simple and easy gameplay, so now almost everyone can quickly join this game. Catching the tastes of players playing online, Game Bai Macau Club has launched the game version of Sam Loc and received enthusiastic support from the players.
  • Blackjack: To play this game you need a deck of cards consisting of 52 cards. Participants will be assigned to the same table on the game website. After that, the system will deal cards to players. Each player will receive 2 cards from the system. After that, the player will take turns to draw the next card.
  • Shield game card: Before, when it comes to this, people immediately think of the men’s game. But today, most of them can all play. It’s extremely easy to understand. The player needs to remember 130 shield cards. Each card has a name, and a corresponding image. Playing cards online now makes it a lot simpler for players.

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