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One of the greatest pleasures of life (yes, of life) is to place bets and keep track of them when winning, but this can be dangerous because there is a risk of losing a lot of money when dealing with the ego.

Putting a piece of money and watching a football game on television or reading comments in forums can cause your heart rate to accelerate, especially when you are close to profiting. However, if the gamble is heading for injury it can cause us anger, and that is where the danger lies.

Why not follow our bets?

The problem of these emotions, both good and bad, does not help us at all in rational thinking. As there is excitement when we win, looking for multiple bets just to win can become addictive and it really gets in the way of a gambler, because he doesn’t look for a value bet or a coherent bet, he just looks for something he bets to win. Odds don’t matter anymore and this is never a good strategy to be a winning 토토사이트 site bettor.

Our idea for writing the article came from a post we saw that a losing bet hurts twice as much as the pleasure of a winning bet. There is a study for this done by the University of Chicago Booth that you can see here.

It is important that you do not track your bets live . This is extremely important so that in losses you do not get tilt / nervous and risk losing everything by trying to recover the damage you are having.

We’ve been through this several times and we know what I’m talking about. Maybe you have this same problem and haven’t noticed it yet.

But it’s hard to bet and not follow, we know, but to help you who identified with this and no longer wants to lose, some advice:

  • Do not turn on the TV or radio to watch the games. Don’t even follow match comments on forums. You may become even more irritated if you are losing.
  • If you want to follow the match, ok, but stay away from the betting site.
  • Trust your strategy believing you have done a good analysis. It is important to know that there is no 100% certainty in sports betting. 
  • Avoiding tilte is one of the best ways to build a solid bank and make money in the long run. Follow this advice that came from a person who went through the same. 

Most important for 99% of gamblers, who don’t earn much overnight is being rational and not feeling the pressure to win much right away.


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