Great Things to Know When  Playing Live Blackjack


Casinos gambling dealers have been on the edge of transition to create a captivating and joyful experience to their respective clients through online services. Most of casino industries started to provide their services on the internet in the 90’s which received a warm welcomed

Blackjack is a casino gambling game which usually players compares their card and the dealer. Blackjack game comprises of only two participants who is the player versus the dealer. Players don’t play against each other. The game uses one or more decks with a maximum of 52cards.usually the dealers draw the cards from the shoe while their identities of those cards are unknown since they are laid to face down.

Rules for Playing Blackjack

Condition on winning this blackjack casino is by beating the dealer’s cards total and not necessarily scoring 21 points as to what most believe(21 points is the highest score).

Blackjack Values

Card values used in live blackjack ranges from 1-11 while cards with values from 2-10  are assigned points equal to their numbers,for instance, if you pick card number 4 and seven you total hand value will be 11. King, Queen, Jack are assigned 10 and on the other hand, Ace can either be one if you total hand value will exceed 21 to avoid the bust or 11 if the total value of your points will not exceed the best score(21 points). If you happen to draw Ace and a five makes a hand value of 16. Consequent if you hit and draw a ten the hand value will be 26 which exceed the best score, in case of this scenario the player will be forced to change Ace to one.

Blackjack Options

Different actions can be done to the cards once they have been drawn to increase chances of winning,these options include:

Hit – Also referred tohitting where the player keeps asking for more cards from the dealer as long as he/she doesn’t bust.

Stand – Players refuses more cards but only sticks with the one in hand. The natural blackjack is a combination of Ace and ten value card and mostly makes a perfect match.

Split – his iUsually done when you have a pair of cards with the same values. Splitting, in this case, is possible to have two hands, each with the same pointsalthough you will be required to match first original bet making it a bit risky.

Double down – One additional card is used to double your initial bet and after which you will not be able to hit again.

Insurance – Act as an insurance bet. It is only available if the first card drawn by the dealer is Ace.

Live Blackjack Payouts

House edge varies depending on the type version of casino you choose to play. For live blackjack in an essential strategy guide, house edge can be as low as 0.5%. While payouts for a win is 1:1 and any win with a natural blackjack your payout will be out of 3:2 which is the most significant return in live blackjack. Lastly, for a bet with insurance option, you get a payout of 2:1.

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