Guide to Different Type of Online Casino Bonuses


The online casino system has grown so popular today that we can say without any qualms that it has surpassed the brick and mortar casino system quite comfortably. One reason is that it has really raised the bar of gambling and the other is that it has made gambling now accessible to all those people who would never dream of walking inside a physical casino. Another big reason is the attractive bonuses that they offer. To beat competition from other online casino owners and attract maximum traffic towards themselves, most online casinos offer various types of lucrative bonuses. Bonuses offered by sites like are extremely competitive in nature. Let’s look at some of the most popular types of bonus on offer.

  • Sign-Up Welcome Bonus

This is the bonus that is offered by most online casinos though the amount may vary. Whenever a new player, registers with any online casino with deposition of money, he/she gets a free amount based on the amount deposited by the player. Most casinos offer double or sometimes triple the amount of money deposited by the player.

  • No-Deposit Bonus

This is given to any player for registering with a casino room even when the player makes no deposit with them. More often than not, it is given by new online casinos to attract traffic and let the customers have a taste on what they offer. However, one must remember that most casinos attach a high wagering requirement or other restrictions with it to protect them for any possible abuse and keep it to minimum. It essentially means that players who avail of this bonus will need to deposit their own funds before withdrawing actual money from the no-deposit bonus and subsequent winnings if any.


  • Referral Bonus

Today, almost all online casinos offer this bonus. This is given to those players whose recommendation has made another player join the casino and actually play there. Most people find it very lucrative to recommend a site to their friends and families.

  • Match Bonus

This bonus really attracts online gamblers. Here players are offered exact bonus amount as the amount deposited by their player for a particular game. This motivates the players to invest more in a game and try to win the added bonus amount.

  • Monthly/Deposit Bonus

Also popularly referred to as reload bonus or loyalty bonus, this is given to you every month to keep you motivated to continue playing on that specific site. This may be a fixed amount that the casino deposits in your account on the first of every month or it may be dependent on your previous month’s activity in the casino.

  • High-Roller Casino Bonuses

This is generally offered by casinos to incite players to deposit more money in their account and play more. Popular as high rollers, VIPs or whales; it promises a higher bonus on higher deposits. Apart from cash, these bonuses also offer other perks and incentives like tickets to some big sporting event, a double monthly bonus and other incentives.

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