Guru recommends returning hundreds and thousands of money with Baccarat Part 2


Small budget investments, we will split into two cases as single money walk Dividing the money. — one money walk It’s easy for me. It is all down in one piece. Diagnosed in one eye Which is to say that the risk is very high, since we have less than 50% chance, we can do it, lose it in 1 eye — split money. will be

the lowest starting moneyof that web Betflix casino for example We have an investment of 200 for 50 each. We’ll get all the chances 4 eyes is the formula is 1:4, we have the investment. 400 50 per eye We will have a maximum 8 pending odds, the formula is 1:8.

Three stick formula We will walk the money according to the 3 stick formula means 1–2–3 funds 600 is down 100 per unit. So the first turn we will land at 100, second turn we will land at 200, our third turn we will land at 600, etc. We can change the formula as appropriate. For example, sometimes it is

possible to change the capital 400 to 3 sticks 2–1–2, so the landing will be the first turn 160, the second 80, the third 160, it’s a risk scatter.

In matters with very little capital, for example 200 baht, what should be done? For me it is suggested that the smaller the investment, the more important it is to choose a suitable approach for each play. For example, with a capital of 200, if we split the investment according to a 3-wood formula 1–2–1 first eye50 second eye100 third eye50 if the first eye and the second eye are broken This means that we

have only 50 baht left in the end. which is considered very little investment The chances of getting it back are even lower. For that reason, less money is required.

Be careful of the formula to walk a lot of money. Suggests that should only use the same fixed walking formula, it is not advisable to use a different formula because it will increase the risk to another channel to earn very little money

Players need to calculate the amount of money from the existing investment will affect us to see the picture, for example, we have 300 baht. We will bet according to the 3 stick money formula, 50 baht per unit at 1-2-3, the first part is 50 baht. The second part is 100. The third is 150, if the 1st time, 2nd time we lose it all, 3rd time we get all the funds back, so we gota 1:3 chance, but if we miss it. Also, 3 times is

an immediate loss. At the same time, if we divide the unit into 6 investments The timing to lose all is reduced.

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