How Many Online Casinos are Created in One Year and How to Chose the Best


The iGaming industry is continually growing and is becoming super competitive. Online casinos keep popping up in the attempt to keep up with the constantly increasing demand. In fact, the growth of the online gambling industry is expected to hit $55 billion this year. The growth rate keeps rising year in year out.

With this kind of growth and numerous new casinos 2019 out there, selecting the most reliable and trustworthy site has become a significant challenge for gamers. It is hard to know the best site. To make the process easier for you, here are the top features to look for which will help you distinguish reliable sites from scammers.

Consider the safety and reputation of the site

The first and most aspect to consider before settling on a particular online casino is safety. Remember that you will entrust your money and personal details to them and you should, therefore, ensure that they will keep them safe. To determine a site’s safety, start by considering if they are licensed or approved to offer these services. They should be certified by the authorities as a show that they fulfill all the requirements by the state to start a casino. Other than license, the other way to determine a casino’s safety and reputation is through reviews. Check what other individuals that have played on that site before have to say about them. This will give you an insight into what to expect.

The available transaction method

The right casino should go its way to ensure the reliability and safety of financial transactions. It takes a lot of processes and documentation for the casino to offer gamers with a range of money depositing and withdrawal methods. The site will also be required to fulfill several requirements to prove their honesty in conducting business. If a casino has many methods of transaction, it is a sign that you can trust them. It also shows that they care about their clients by offering methods that are convenient for everyone. Some of the common transaction methods for casinos include PayPal, credit card, debit card, and Visa card, just to mention a few.

Check their customer support

The best online casino should have excellent customer technical support. You cannot afford to make any mistakes and if you are not sure about something during registration, you should contact the customer support team for guidance. Consider how fast they will respond to your requests. This will tell you if they care about gamers or they are just there for the money.

Check the game selection

The best casinos should have a wide selection of quality games and also provide a wide selection for every game type. They should understand that gamers have different preferences and therefore get something for everyone. A casino with a wide game selection will allow you to learn new games and find out which one you are good in. It is also an indication that you can trust the gaming site.

Check casino bonuses

Do they offer bonuses? If they do, it means that they appreciate gamers and are willing to help them maximize their returns. Most casinos will have a welcome bonus that you get after registration while others have the bonus on deposit which you get after your first deposit. Whichever the case, bonuses are an excellent motivation.

Hundreds of online casinos are created every year, and with these tips, you can easily find a site that you can fully trust and rely on. Take your time and do thorough research.

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