How to Increase Your Chances of Winning at Bingo


Whether you play in a hall or online, bingo is purely a game of chance and luck, but players can take some actions to make their chances of winning higher. You cannot influence the numbers that are drawn, so you can only do so much to raise your odds of winning. Fortunately, bingo is not a complex game, so the tactics that you can use to boost your chances of beating your opponents are just simple.

Here are some tips to help you increase your chances of winning at bingo:

Have more cards

It is always advisable to buy more cards since if you have one card and the other players each buy one card, you all have equal chances of winning. But what if you buy 5 cards in the game? Well, you will have increased your chances of winning by 500%. Although it’s highly unlikely that you will be the only one playing multiple cards, the higher the number of cards you purchase, the more your chances of having the winning card in that game.

Bingo halls and online bingo sites typically give bingo tickets in books of 6. So, if you buy one ticket for that specific game you will have 6 strips of numbers on your ticket. If you buy 2 books, you will get 12 strips, and for 3 books you will get 18 strips, and the trend continues. With more tickets, you will have more times to put your hand in your pocket. As such, if you want to stand higher chances of winning, this is a good strategy. Unfortunately, once the game is over, whether you were playing online or in a hall, you cannot keep those numbers.

Select the right room or game

You are better off choosing a bingo hall with fewer players so that the competition to win is significantly lower. But with fewer players, the prize money reduces proportionately. You should also go for the games with a lower fixed number of players. As the number of players in a hall or game increases, the chances of winning lowers.

Check the review of online bingo sites

It is in your best interest to always make a point of checking the reviews of online bingo sites. Doing so will help you to know which are reliable and trustworthy in relation to the games and payoffs. For example, you can count on CheersBingo as a reliable bingo site. Get to know the fraudulent sites and keep off of them to avoid risking your money on them.

Practice and accumulate experience

Are you a newbie? Then get some practice and gain some experience. Check out sites that give a free no deposit bonus so that you can test the games on offer without paying a cent. Some online bingo sites also supply free bingo rooms where you could test the waters in the bingo world to learn the finer details of the game. Also, if you happen to win, you get a reasonably nice prize, and even if it is a small one, this motivates you to keep going a bit longer.

Have a reasonable number of cards

Though some online bingo sites allow you to have as many cards as you want in a game, which boosts your chances of winning, there is a downside to it. Too many cards could bring you confusion and chaos, causing you to not get the win. So keep your cards within a reasonable number.


You can increase your chances of winning at bingo with the above tips, but the most important thing is to exercise responsibility while playing. Bingo should be fun and exciting, but if it is not fun anymore, call it a day. Also, seek help if you find yourself playing excessively or gambling money that you cannot afford.

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