Is Gambling Online Legal In Canada?


Who doesn’t love betting online? We all enjoy gambling some or the other way. But is it possible for a Canadian playing internet poker could get caught by the Canadian police?

The answer to this is NO.

When it comes to gambling online we prefer to stay away from it considering the risk it involves. You might have seen many people calling online gambling a “legal gray area,” however, playing the same keeping in mind the rules it involves becomes a completely legal practice.

The good news for the Canadians is, they can gamble at the online casinos without any threat. In Canada, online gambling is beneath provincial jurisdiction. That gives every Canadian a facility to participate in Online Betting Canada.Image result for Is Gambling Online Legal In Canada?

But what are the things that make it less black and white? It is the online gambling sites. There are many sites that overlook the rules and laws designed for online betting and gambling. These sites don’t pay much interest to the provisional boundaries and later on the players have to pay the consequences.

There are thousands of online gambling sites that do not follow the regulations correctly and turn out to be very chancy for the participants. In Canada, the laws for gaming are very straightforward. Their different set of commandments is decided for every online game whether it is lotteries, casinos or bingos. Here horse racing becomes an exception as it is monitored by the Canadian Parimutuel Agency.     

Supreme Court of British Columbia, considered online lotteries in the year 2004, then added a provision for poker in the year 2009 and finally after a year added Casino and Bingo to it.

Also, a thing that is not in the knowledge of many online gamblers is there are several online casinos that are already regulated and licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Since 8th July 1999, Kahnawake Gaming Commission is licensing online casinos that are longer than any other jurisdiction in the world.

To remove the black part from the online gambling, it is always a good idea to look at the site following all the laws described by the Canadian jurisdiction. A betting site having licence for online gambling can give a player an actual pleasure of playing without any hesitation. Casino in Canada is among the best online casinos Canada, following all the described laws and hence giving every player a mark of assurance that they are playing safe.

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