Is online gambling looking to increase in traffic again due to the new restrictions? 


The UK Priminister Boris Johnson has broadcasted to the country again last night at 8pm and informed us on new restrictions again which include 10pm curfews for pubs and restaurants, no more than groups of six from two different households and for those who can work from home to return to doing so.

During the first lockdown that was set in March to attempt to combat the global pandemic caused by Covid-19, the online gambling industry was actually one of the few industries that wasn’t negatively affected by the lockdown and it actually benefitted from the lock downed months. With the new restrictions being brough in again from Thursday onwards, are online bookies going to benefit again?

The rise during lockdown was due to a number of reasons, mainly including that many of working from home weren’t under supervision of their bosses so were more likely to sway away from their usual work explaining more users on gambling markets. Furthermore, many employees were actually furloughed during the pandemic and therefore had to find alternative ways of entertainment due to their normal hobbies being impossible to continue due to social distancing rules. This pushed them further into using online casinos with the money that they had been earning from the furlough scheme. 

Some casino sites have seen considerably rises in traffic during 2020 because of this, the Jackpot Charm Casino reviews just show how successful they have been. Due to the quality of casinos, and with us dipping in and out of lockdown once more, this trend of use of online casino isn’t due to slow down any time soon.

With the 2nd wave lockdown starting again this week, we experts fully expect numbers to rise again to the heights of the first lockdown especially with Boris confirming that this will now be mandatory for all for six months if the virus doesn’t slow down with its spreading; and with it being winter, this is highly unlikely. 

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