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One of the oldest games in the world is none other than the lottery and it is played in almost every country around the globe. Not only do lottery games change the fortune of winners, but the revenue earned from lottery ticket sales has also been devoted to a number of good causes in countries and has contributed to considerable development. Malaysia is one such country where people can find a ton of variety games that have been designed not just to appeal to the locals, but also to the tourists who visit every year. One such game offering is the Grand Dragon lottery or GD Lotto, as it is known.

This 4-digits number game has become very popular with the citizens and also the tourists because it has some impressive prizes, great odds and the cost of playing is also quite low. As a matter of fact, a large number of tourists have begun to come in for participating in the lottery so they can get a shot at winning the prize. The GD Lotto is not only played in Malaysia, but also in other Asian countries like Cambodia, Vietnam and Singapore amongst others. The GD lotto game has some unique features, but the most notable one that draws a large audience is the fact that it is transparent and secure.

Grand Dragon lottery draws are streamed live from the headquarters in Chreythom, Kandal Province where they are conducted. There are four lottery machines and all of them are kept in the center of the casino lobby so the public can easily see the draw being done thereby eliminating any chance of rigging. The whole purpose of doing so is to ensure that the Malaysia GD Lotto remains a fair game that can be played by anyone who is willing to pay the price of the ticket and thus get a chance to turn their life around.

Another reason GD Lotto has gained popularity amongst the masses is the fact that it offers exciting and fun games that have been designed in accordance with the players’ welfare. Strict quality assurance procedures have been implemented because the game has the best interests of the participants at heart. Furthermore, GD Lotto has also taken steps to ensure the convenience of its players. As the world has gotten more advanced, the transportation and distance barriers are just a hassle and one that players wish to avoid.

The Grand Dragon lottery is aware of this fact and so they have launched the option of playing the lottery online or through your mobile phones to make it convenient for anyone and everyone to play this game. In fact, they have taken steps to become the first one to offer 4D mobile betting in the country and they have succeeded in making this happen by launching an app on Apple’s App Store as well as Google’s Play Store on Android. Depending on the smartphones they are using, people can download the GD Lotto app in order to play the game.

One of the best things about the Grand Dragon lottery app is the fact that it doesn’t just enable players to participate in the draw; they can also use it for watching the results live regardless of where they are and this is a major advantage. When players decide to play the GD Lotto, they can rest assured that their money is not going to waste because even if they don’t win, the funds are used for the good of the society. The lottery believes in giving back to the people to the funds are paid to a number of charities for this purpose.

According to history, the first 4D lottery game was played in Kedah in 1951, but has expanded to other Asian countries since then. Today, the Grand Dragon lottery gives its players five betting choices to choose from and the cost and risk and rewards of every option are different. 4D Big is the first betting option you can explore and players have to match all 23 winning results with the 4D number in it. Players can win $2,500 for every dollar that they invest in this betting choice. The second prize you can get is $1,000, third is $500, a Starter prize of $200 and a consolation prize of $60.

4D Small is the second betting choice and you have to match the winning numbers of the first, second and third prize with the 4D number. The first prize given out in this package is $3,500, higher than the first betting option. $2,000 and $1,000 are paid out as the second and third prize respectively. 4D A is the third betting choice and players need to match all four numbers to win a massive $6,000. 3D ABC Package is the next betting choice where the last three digits of the winning number are used for matching the first, second and third prize 4D number.

This betting choice has a first, second and third prize of $250, $210 and $150 respectively. 3D A is the last betting choice given to players and the winning number’s last three digits and the first 4D prize number have to be a match in this one. Doing so will win you a prize of $660. A draw is conducted for deciding the position of the numbers and another draw is conducted for deciding the first, second and third prize. Payment of prizes is also done immediately.

If you are not in Malaysia, you can still participate in the Grand Dragon Lottery. There are lottery services such as Lottosend that will buy the tickets in the country on your behalf, send you a scanned copy of the tickets and claim the prize, if you have won. GD Lotto is completely safe to play as they have taken the necessary measures to ensure all information is kept secure and the draws are also transparent so there is no need to worry about being scammed. You can play the Grand Dragon lottery in Malaysia and win some impressive prizes.

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