Negative Effects of Casino Gambling and Betting


As per the recent research, there are at present 2.5 million Americans who are addicted to casino games. An addiction for casino games and betting is a compulsion and the last result could be upsetting. Over 80% of the total population in the USA has stated that at some or the other point of their lives, they were involved in casino betting. Gambling addiction could cause severe effects on a person resulting loss of jobs, failed relations and chronic debt condition.

  • Casino gaming and betting addiction is often linked with mental health issues, mind disorder, depression as well as anti-social disorders.
  • You can always to rehabs for the treatment of betting addicts
  • The treatment has helped over 80% of the addicts to revive and continue with their normal life.

When talking about casino betting, it is significant for people to think what kind of social and economic difficulties it creates in one life. This way at least the starters can analyze their condition and prohibit from getting serious.

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Social Effects

While the casino addict definitely suffers, it is the family of the player that faces the challenge along with them. Family members also suffer mental and physical abuse. Over 85% of the family members of a betting buff have reported to receive threats from the collection agencies, bill collectors and creditors.

There has been a rise in the divorce rate due to gambling addiction. In the USA, 65% of the couples which have one spouse as a gambling enthusiast have ended up in divorce. You also face a high amount of stress in the family when it is time to pay out the debts and bills which the player has piled up because of his betting. Survey states that 3 out of 5 gambling aficionados have a full-fledged family with kids. Even the children suffer from the adverse effects of betting:

  • Witness physical and psychological abandonment
  • Children of such people are seen sitting idle in cars while their guardians gamble. This is where the kids miss out the right nurturing they should be getting at their age.
  • Children of infected casino players are often physically, verbally and psychologically abused by their parent with addiction
  • Such kids have higher chance of developing a gambling addiction in the latter stage of their lives.

Economical Effect

Studies have further revealed that over $5 billion is lost every year to betting addicts. Along with it, $40 billion has been spent on creditor losses and other social facilities. These studies further state that 2 out of every 3 casino enthusiasts try to engage in illegal actions to pay for their gambling debts. Though you do have options to make it up! There are several debt consolidation companies and financial institutes that can help you meet with your debt issues in a legal and better way. You can just find out about the debt consolidation loan rates and the program and then apply for it.

Some of the fiscal dangers of casino betting are:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Higher rates of unemployment
  • Economical fraudulent and crime
  • Force sale of assets

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