Nicknames for Slot Machines That Players Are Familiar With


Since 1891, the slot machine has evolved from a machine with 5 drums to a modern AI-powered gambling tool. Gamblers no longer need to travel to traditional casinos to play slots. In modern times, they connect online and choose a wide range of slot games to play. As the machine evolved, it gained different names and nicknames.

Poker Machine

Many years before the internet casino was invented, there was a poker boom in the US. It was at that time that Sittman and Pitt were motivated to create an automated gambling machine. The machine they created is what is today called a slot machine, but at that time, they called it Poker Machine. The reason for the name was that the machine was built based on the poker card game.

Fruit Machine

Today, slot machines are endowed with symbols depicting movie characters, ancient gods, and animations. The slot machines’ history 100 years ago shows something different. In the early 1900s, the commonest symbols on machines were fruits. They mainly paid out using sweets and sometimes chewing gum. Due to this, they nicknamed them fruit machines, a name that is common to date in places like Britain.

Liberty Bell

In 1884, Charles Fey developed a three-reel slot machine model, which he branded Liberty Bell. The machine quickly became popular, and creators who developed slot machines later used Fey’s machine as the model. This is what made it gain the name Liberty Bell.

Electronic Gaming Machine

This is a more recent nickname that evolved in the 1980s. By this time, the slot machine had impressively evolved and started working using the latest technologies then. This is the machine that evolved into the modern slot game tool. Its concept led to the development of online slot games, which are providing gamblers with many advantages of online casinos.


The slot machine was nicknamed puggy in Scotland. They saw it as a playful machine that the player had to spin. They loved the noises that increased their adrenaline levels and thus called it Puggy. In Scotland, the name is the English slang of the locals.

One-Armed Bandit

The traditional slot machines had an arm on the side that the player pulled to roll the spins. This ‘habit’ of holding back people’s money made it gain the name bandit. One arm was due to the one lever on its side.

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