With the introduction of the Internet, the options in various things have increased very much. Everything is moving online, and this is making people doubt which is more beneficial. Now every service is different, and in sports betting, online and offline. Both have their benefits and flaws; whichever one you prefer is your decision as every person’s situation is different.


Many people prefer offline betting, such as fun88, rather than online because it is the traditional method. This method has been used for years by people to win a great amount of cash.

The main benefits of Offline Betting are: –

  1. A) There are fewer chances of you getting scammed offline than online where there are more than thousands of people who get scammed every day.
  2. B) You can make new friends offline and celebrate your victory with them, which is not at all possible in online betting.
  3. C) As soon as the team you predicted wins the match, you will instantly be handed out the money without much difficulty.
  4. D) You can take the advice of others before confirming your decision on a match. This can increase your chances of winning as many people are much more experienced than others and by befriending those people, you can easily win a great amount of cash.


  1. A) Online betting can be done through the comfort of your house or wherever you want without much difficulty if you have a phone and a stable internet connection.
  2. B) You don’t have to spend any extra cash while betting online, which you will have to do if you bet offline. You will have to pay to go to the place where you will bet; the people will also charge you to see matches over there and bet, and most of the time, you will also feel hungry and will need food and drinks, which will cost you more money.
  3. C) When you bet online, there are a few chances of you getting disturbed by anyone, which can help you to predict properly about the game and win.
  4. D) If you bet offline, many people’s decision will change your mind, and you will predict something which could lead you to losses. This cannot happen in online betting as you can’t see what others are betting on and the reasons they are betting on different teams; this can help you easily decide and predict which team will win and get extra cash.
  5. E) If you like to bet online, one of the best sites to use is fun88 orfun888, which is much secured and provides great entertainment. fun88 Asia also provides 24/7 service to its customers.

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