Online Casinos Edge Over Land-Based Casinos


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The popularity of online casinos as host to online gambling has been on the rise since the latter part of the 1990s. The online gaming industry has evolved into a multi-million industry thanks to advances in technology, the contribution of excellent web developers and game designers, and improved regulations pertaining to online gaming and gambling.

Land-based casinos and their online counterparts continue to advance in various areas, but where land-based casinos remain the same in some aspects, online casinos went through and adapted to more changes. Slot machines in land-based casinos have definitely developed into these impressive, LED-blinking-lights slot machines with all the bells and whistles to attract all types of slot players. The reality is that land-based casinos have a different goal than online casinos.

Land-based Casinos

Gambling and slots enthusiasts who frequent casinos mostly go there not only to play their favorite casino game but also to socialize, get entertained and generally to have fun. Though there are serious casino table games players who are out there to win, most slot players are there for the thrill of it all. Actually, handling and touching the mechanical spin button of a slot machine is an experience by itself. Aside from these, exclusive perks are given to high rollers. Regular players are also given perks such as free drinks, free buffet, free tickets to shows and even the occasional free accommodations.

If one’s main goal is any of the above, then a land-based casino is the better choice. But if one’s primary objective is to win in slots (and not on any other casino table game such as poker and blackjack), then it is best to steer-clear from land-based casinos. Why? Because return to player (RTP) of land-based slots may be as low as 75%, which is a far cry from the usual 95% to 97% RTP of online video slots.

It is expensive to run and manage brick-and-mortar casino. There is a need to acquire an actual physical venue, hire staff such as managers, supervisors, security, bartenders, chefs, waiters, hosts and a whole lot of other employees to run a land-based casino. Leading game providers such as WMS, Novomatic, and IGT have to actually construct slot machines with all the bells and whistles, which are not only complex but also expensive to maintain. Since these slots are rented by the casino, a certain percentage of the earnings goes to the slot developer.

And who shoulders these expenses? The players, of course. Thus, the huge amount of running a land-based casino is directly linked to the very low RTP of land-based slots.  

Online Casinos

Online casinos present a different scenario than land-based casinos. Thanks to online casinos, it has become possible to play one’s favorite casino game anytime, anywhere, as long as there is internet connection. One saves up on time and money as the need to drive to an actual physical casino, make reservation, book for accommodation, meet the required dress code, and set a substantial amount of money on food and drinks are no longer necessary. There are thousands of slots offered in online casinos. Choosing which ones to play requires just a few clicks and scroll ups and downs.

Though online casinos cannot offer free drinks and snacks, they do afford online slots bonuses and promotions for signups. Majority of online casinos offer real money with no required deposit bonuses to new signups. Aside from welcome and deposit bonuses, free slots no download and no registration needed are afforded to online casino players, making it more convenient for gamers. These bonuses and promos do increase a player’s chances of actually winning.

In a nutshell, if you want to win real money in slots with high RTPs, choose online slots.


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