Popular Variations of the Poker Game


Poker as a game has evolved over the years and the variations it offers. Below are some most popular and some less popular variations of poker.

Texas Hold’em(King of Poker)–Awell-liked version of the game where each player is dealt with 2 pocket cards followed by waiting for 5 community cards to be revealed.  Betting rounds take place in four rounds which include dealing the hole cards, The Flop (first 3 community cards), The Turn andThe River.The player with best five-card hand is the winner. Associate with the Agen Bola to get started.

Omaha (Omaha High)–Omaha is a community card poker game. Players must make his/her best hand using exactly two of hole cards and three of community cards

Seven-card Stud –Being one of the most classic forms of poker, in this game each player is dealt 7cards, 3 down and four up. Combination of five cards is the best hand.

Razz –Razz is lowball poker game. The player with the lowest possible five-card hand from the seven-card wins the game.

Five-Card Draw – This is one of the oldest and easiest ways to play poker. It is mostly played for fun and on a casual poker night. Each player is dealt five cards and the hand starts with the type of betting structure.In Five Card Draw, sometimes players post an ante and most popularly with small blind and a big blind.

Omaha Hi-lo–This Agen Bola game is very similar to Omaha Hi/Lo. In this game, the player forms two hands (high hand and low hand) with their hold cards and community cards.

2-7 Triple Draw –It is most commonly played in a fixed limit betting structure. Each player gets five face down cards to start the game and they can replace one or more cards in each round. Player holding lowest hand wins.

Badugi–This game has not gained enough popularity and is considered to be a very unusual variant of poker games. The players get four cardsinstead of five.

Mixed Game Formats – This type is for the pro-poker players who are skilled at playing multiple poker variants. In mixed format, the players play multiple formats at the same time.Even though it is more fun to play this game, it can be confusing too.

So, the next time you play poker and want to try a new game, you know what options to look for to make your game more fascinating and challenging.

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