Should you choose betting on football or casino when gamble online


There was two most popular type of online gambling which is betting on football and online casino. Those ones have its own advantages and disadvantages so which one should you choose to come with and make money for yourself? Let find out!

–  Online casino


The provider may affect the game: Unlike betting on football there was some doubt about the explicit of the games. Some players believe that provider let them win in the beginning so they can play more and lose everything later. Beside it’s very difficult to have a huge win in casino no matter with online or real casino.

Betting on football


Safe and secured: With the evolution of information technology, online betting is the most safety and conveniently way to betting on football. You only need a computer or even with you smartphone to bet on your farvorite football match an you can watch sports betting odds W88 everywhere you want . All your information is stored abroad through many layers of security so you can completely assure about the safety.

Play it everywhere at every time: Just only with a smart phone you can play it in everywhere and every time you want. With hundred types of betting, you can bet throughout a whole match in w88 which is best bookmaker in Vietnam so far.

Quick money withdrawal: Bookmakers always have strong potential finance and w88 is one of the most reputable bookmakers. When play at w88 you will have your winning money from thousand, million or even billion dongs. You can transfer money to your bank account only in a few minutes, which is impossible for traditional betting.

Lots of promotion for players: When betting football online, Bookmakers will offer you a lot of promotion like 100% bonus for your first deposit, refund in percent when losing and gifts for loyal players like shirt from favorite football team, watches and other gifts. w88 is the bookmaker rewards the most for every month with 4 million dongs reward for new players and 1 million dongs reward for each player who participate in sports betting and football betting.

Easy payment method of depositing and withdrawing money: Just own a bank account and you can easily deposit and withdraw money when winning the bet. Payment methods such as bank transfer, online transfer, zalo money transfer, momo wallet transfer … you can easily choose your own money transfer method. The dealer always keeps your transaction information confidential. For example, in W88 the time for depositing / withdrawing money on their site only takes an average of 1 to 10 minutes on banks’ working days (excluding Saturday, Sunday according to Vietnam time and major holidays).

Other Advantages:  In addition to the above advantages, you can also play all-match betting, Handicap, Asian Handicap, score, throw-in, corner kick, corner first, which team serves the ball first, the total number of goals lost … It is the diversity that attracts many participants every day.

From the above you can see that betting on football is a better choice for you to gamble online. And if you want to find a good sports betting odds W88 is the most recommended one currently.

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