The brief history of poker


The most popular game of the world poker has a rich history. It all began even before the 19th century. People liked to play and take their chances with simple cards, dices, and dominoes; today is known as domino live.

According to historians, poker was mainly developed due to the contribution of Chinese domino game. The game was created nearly 969 CE. When the Chinese emperor Mu-Tsung celebrated New Year with his wife decided to play a game of chance that used elements of mahjong and poker. After that various games based on betting basis began to grow. Egyptians of the 12th and 13th century enjoyed games played with cards. The Persians of the 16th century invented “Ganjifa” which has another name as “Treasure cards.” As compared to normal poker decks, Ganjifa decks were much larger. The Ganjifa decks consisted of 96 decorated cards made from thin slices of ivory or wood. The historic Persian game of “AS Nas” was also popular like poker.

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During the same period “primero” a Spanish game also became popular which involved three cards that will be distributed to each player, and they would increase bets or bluff with poor hands. Indonesians played their game of poker Qiu Qiu or domino 99. The Germans were also never far behind, they also started playing a game known as “Pochen,” and a game called “Poque” also came to know through the French. The French brought this game with them when they came to Canada, and the game became popular. The game then eventually traveled from New Orleans to Unite States where the development of new age poker took place.

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Modern Poker

The day modern poker came into existence was historic. Some writers like Jonathon H. Green often call poker the “cheating game.” He mentioned its popularity in Mississippi. 3-card Monte was poker also replaced one of the most popular card games. People found poker more honest than 3- card Monte which appeared to be more rigged. As poker gave more challenges to people, it made it even more popular. It was a great way for people to pass the time and also there were very fewer entertainment means. In the 19th century, the game was enjoyed by everyone including soldiers, gentlemen as well as cowboys. During the civil war, the soldiers played the game very much. Poker continues to gain popularity and is available to people in various forms such as domino live and domino 99 whereas other historic games that faded with time.

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