Why Bookies Don’t Want You to Know – These 10 Secret Winning Tips in Sports Betting



Getting the better of a bookie is not that tough a task, provided you are good with your judgments, practical in approach and ready to do some serious legwork.     

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The juggernaut that we all call betting is a profit-driven industry where the house always wins. However, there are ways to get your share of the betting pie, which the bookie is unwilling to pass on to you too easily. As the sports books play it close to their chests for the fear of losing trade secret, you are left to uncover ways to get around their tricks. We take the prerogative to keep you informed of 10 best-kept secrets that can help you get the better of the bookie.  

  1. Get the measure of the game:

As bookies prey on your ignorance, it’s time to research all aspects of the game of your choice – from rules to different formats and everything in between. Though the due diligence involves some legwork, it paves the way for educated bets.

  1. No to brand loyalty:

With the competition getting fiercer by the day, sports books may provide in-shop offers to keep your loyalty intact. However, brand loyalty is a regressive ploy in sports betting because it restricts your chances of finding better value bets for the desired market elsewhere. You can also compensate the loss of loyalty schemes with promotions provided by the new bookie.

  1. Get a decent bankroll:

A bigger bankroll comes with advantages. Besides cushioning your losses, the hefty amount allows for wagering via multiple accounts and making the most of arbitrage opportunities.

  1. Don’t write off the underdog:

Since sports is prone to uncertainties, upsets happen thick and fast. When an underdog turns makes an upset by beating the favourite, your chances of making money skyrocket. So, rooting for the less fancied sides/players is a good ploy provided the value is worth the risk.

  1. Keep emotions aside:

When emotions override rationality, betting decisions are open to the elements. The thumb rule to successful sports betting in India is to steer clear of emotions like fear, complacency, rage and favouritism. Knowing your emotional outlook may help your cause.  

  1. Keep track of the game:

With sports getting increasingly competitive, momentum can shift in a matter of minutes. If caught unaware, your hopes of a big payday take a beating. As such, being invested in the game right through is crucial for betting gains.

  1. Know the market:

It is easy to be lost in the shuffle of markets because they are so many out there. As intimidating as finding the right market is, you have to do it to stay competitive. If an obscure market has caught your fancy, you are better off getting details about it from the bookie.

  1. Maintain a record of your bets:

Seasoned bettors often keep a record of their betting patterns and outcomes. The effort, though a tedious one, keeps them on top of their spending, which is critical for bankroll management. The record also serves a reference point for performance analysis.    

  1. Don’t Ignore Pre-Game Bet:

Pre-bets happen prior to the actual event, providing you with the opportunity to develop game awareness, experiment with strategies, recover losing bets and append winning wagers during live betting.    

  1. Employ specialized software:  

To create result-oriented strategies, you have to do your maths right. If you are averse to the idea of compiling and analyzing data, specialized software is for you.

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