The most basic advice for a beginner is to lie down often in Online Casino Now


If you are not yet familiar with poker, you may want to choose the hands you play according to the chart below. This will protect you most of the time, but it also means that you are going to throw a lot of your hands. Once the basics are understood, it’s time to learn more about poker fairness and how to put your opponent on a range of hands in Casino Metropol.

What is equity in poker?

Each hand has a certain amount of “fairness” against all other possible hands (which is just an elegant way of saying the mathematical chance it has of beating another given hand), so when we decide which hands to play, we’re trying to maximize that equity, which is to give us the best chance of winning that hand on average.

Let me go a little deeper into the details to answer the question, “It’s all well and good, but how do I know if my hand has the best chance of winning?” Don’t you have to be gifted to calculate that? “

Absolutely not

Understanding the type of hand your opponent has is not just for math geniuses, it’s something you already know. Whenever you fold A7o on a raise because “This hand is always causing me trouble” or you have followed with VTs because “This guy is so wide and my hand is flopping very well”, you are already doing what i have described in the paragraphs above. Likewise when you called with a small pair in the blinds because “there is value” or you followed the raise of a tight player with 67s because “he is tight so if the flop is well, I will be paid. “

By doing so, you are already demonstrating an understanding of the types of hands that your opponent is playing and the ability to make a decision on what types of hands to play yourself based on this information. To summarize the idea, if you always try to play a hand that is slightly better than that of your opponent, you will have a slight mathematical advantage which will translate into profitability in the long term.

A quick test of your poker skills

The situations below use poker jargon. If you are not familiar with the terms “under the gun” and “cut off”, read our article on poker positions.

Poker is a card game which, contrary to popular belief, relies much more on the talent and skills of the player than on luck. As proof, many people manage to live from their passion, both live (ie around a table in the presence of the other players) and online, in virtual “rooms” . Online poker has known, and still knows today, a certain success thanks to its ease of access and its flexibility allowing anyone with a computer, a smartphone or a tablet with an internet connection to play from home. anytime or anywhere. Online poker has other advantages, but also other disadvantages than live poker.

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