The Right Database Management Options for You Now


We will tell you what Managed Databases is, how they are good and who can come in handy. Managed Databases (MD, managed databases) is a service for setting up and administering databases, sites, programs, and applications. At the same time, the capabilities of cloud computing services are used, which take on the tasks of setting up and managing client data. For 먹튀디비 this is important now.

The company pays money and saves itself from the routine associated with database maintenance. Capital is converted into free man-hours that you can spend on developing your own projects.

Instead of manually installing, configuring and administering the databases through the terminal, the developer can connect the finished set of materials with a few clicks in the browser window. Update, migration, backup, monitoring, profiling and parallelizing the load – when working with MD, these operations are performed automatically or upon request. This optimizes the workflow and reduces the likelihood of human error.

Depending on the service provider, developers will still need a certain level of experience interacting with databases. However, the requirements for working with Managed Databases will in any case be less than with independent management.

Speed ​​up startup

With local management, the developer needs to buy or rent a server, configure and secure it, install the necessary software and then collect, store and process the data.

MD services let you get started in minutes. Literally you need to determine the size of the capacities and configure several parameters. After that, the managed database will be ready for integration with the application or site.

Simplify scaling

When a company maintains its own infrastructure and decides to expand, it faces a time-consuming task. Regardless of the approach to scaling, there are risks of data loss and interruptions in the operation of the final system.

In a managed database, you can expand clusters on demand. All the necessary resources are available in a couple of clicks. Scaling takes place on the fly.

Guaranteed high availability and quality of service

Key Elements of a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

A cloud service is considered highly available if it works for a long time without interruptions. Adequate providers conclude an SLA with customers, which establish a guarantee of the availability and reliability of services, as well as sets the amount of compensation for cases when the supplier does not fulfill the promise. The client company will calmly go about their business, and if something happens due to the fault of the provider, they can expect a refund.

Suitable for most scenarios

Like any product, managed databases are created to meet the needs of the majority within a market segment. Therefore, providers offer customers solutions that are suitable for the most common tasks and close the main use cases.

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