Top Three Mistakes in Playing Blackjack


While playing blackjack online for money, you have high chances of winning if you use the right strategies. Many of the players skip knowing the strategy and go straight to playing. These players make severe mistakes that lessen their chances of winning. You will avoid the errors when you get to know about them. The following are the top seven mistakes made by the players.

Getting Close Twenty-One When Playing Blackjack Online for Money

Most players know that they need to beat the dealer to win. Some player feels that they need to go for 21 to win beat the dealer. Though it is true that you must get as close to 21 as possible, many situations come where you must stand even when it does feel ideal. This strategy will help you understand when to stand with a low total.

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For example, a situation may arise when you have twelve, and the up-card of the dealer is five. Amateurs hit in this situation thinking that they are far off from 21. The right strategy is to stand in this situation as the dealer must have a hand of 17 or more to stand. In this case, the dealer needs to draw at least two cards to reach 17. Many card combinations will lead them to bust while going for this with a five up-card.

Not Knowing the Blackjack Strategy Chart

There are many small mistakes that players make as they do not know the basic strategy. For instance, not splitting a pair of eights or splitting a pair of tens. These mistakes are common as the players do not know how to deal with every strategic situation. Many computer calculations help you to develop the best blackjack strategy.

There is no excuse for not understanding the basic strategies. You need to take a look at the basic strategy chart to play each situation. The strategy chart is a guide that helps you understand when to double down, split, stand, and hit. The dealer’s up-card and your score are the determinants of these strategies.

Strategy charts are best for online blackjack as it is not time-bound. You can look at the chart for as long as you want to figure out an optimal shot. In casinos, the dealer gets the game moving at speed and checking the charts repeatedly becomes difficult.

Choosing the Blackjack Table with Poor Rules

You need to know how the blackjack rules are affecting the house edge to pick out the best tables. The thumb rule here is to check how much you have paid for a natural blackjack. The ideal situation is playing at the table with 3:2 blackjack payouts.Avoid the ones with 6:5 payout as that raises the house edge by 1.40%. Look at the center of the table to know if it is 6:5 or 3:2 payouts. You also need to see the number of decks used in the blackjack shoe. Single deck blackjack is the best case scenario in playing blackjack online for money.

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