Traditional Indian Way of Betting


Even before India got independence, the people of India especially those belonging to the lower-income groups took a huge interest in guessing the opening and closing rates of cotton that was imported from New York Cotton Exchange. With time, this method of gambling expired and it was gradually replaced by Satta Matka and other online Matka games.

From where did Satta “Matka” get its name from?

In the year 1961, a person named Rattan Khatri proposed to bet on imaginary products. Random numbers are written in pieces of paper and then put inside a “matka” ( earthen pot) and one is requested to put his hand inside and pick up three chits which will be the winning numbers. Each of the random numbers is assigned a specific sum of money. Gradually this system was replaced by online games that more or less are based on the same concept.

How to start earning profit from this game?

Minimum investment criteria are a big issue in this game it is a matter of probability. The people who earn daily wages of around 1000-2000/- put in this business and fail miserably. It is required to invest at least twenty rupees per number to start the betting. It will bring a profit of Rs.1800 and maximum investment can be Rs. 200-250.

How many types of Satta Matka is available all over India?

Kalyan Matka:- This game is run from Monday to Saturday. One can invest in single-digit numbers (0,1,2,3….only 9 figures), double-digit numbers having 155 figures,triple digits numbers called PANNA(100,101,102,…999).

Just like this, there are Main Mumbai Matka, Milan Day/Night Matka, Rajdhani Day/Night Matka and Time Matka bazar.

Is there any online portal for this game?

DPBOSS is the leading website in India for Matka betting online gaming app who gives the predicted results within the shortest time. It is a globally renowned website in this field. They give the most accurate results. It is a fun-loving game which is new in the market and legally accepted in India. The game is based on luck with a 10% chance of winning. Hence DPBOSS Matka is designed in such a way so that it can give expert advice to the player.

How to get accurate and fast results?

The player should be expert enough to understand the matka charts that give a thorough overview of that day Matka results.  He should be well aware of the opening-closing rates and Kalyan Matka weekly Jodi. It is the sole responsibility of DPBOSS Satta to provide authentic and accurate charts to the players. There is also a helpline number given to any enquiry or solving any problem faced by the player.

What is the trick to play this game?

The game is started by picking up 3 numbers, adding them and gets the last digit of the addition. Now after doing a similar experiment in another round. Both sets are tallied and noted down and the payout is decided based on this.

How can one withdraw the profit?

The gained profit can be withdrawn in Paytm or transferred to the bank account directly by clicking the “Withdrawal Amount” option on the left side of the web-page. After the amount to be withdrawn, if Paytm option is selected then within 15 minutes the money is transferred to the wallet. But if transferred to the bank account, a 3% service charge will be deducted. The Paytm maximum withdrawal amount is Rs. 15000 and Rs. 1 lakh in a bank account.

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