Ways Technology Changed the Casino and Gambling Industry


We should start by saying that the mobile gambling industry is one of the biggest earners in the world, and according to statistics, it was worth approximately $100 billion at the end of 2017.

You probably know that gambling is a process of playing a game of chances for money. At the same time, it involves placing bets in a combination of the odds so that you can win money based on the calculation.

The main reason for its popularity is due to the adrenaline rush in combination with the positive feeling that we have while taking a risk. It is something people do for years, and the main principle and mechanism has not changed.

Of course, changes are frequent, mainly due to implementation of technologies that allowed people to play games without entering casinos from their homes by using mobile devices or desktop computers.

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From the very beginning of humankind, when we rolled dices and played cards to cities filled with casinos as well as betting shops in the 21st century, we can see that technology always played significant role in gambling advancements.

When we check out the historical perspective, you will see all insights that will help you understand this particular activity and its psychological effects.

How Did Technology Change The Betting In General?

We live in the world in which usage of mobile devices and the internet is something that we all do. Therefore, whatever we wish to purchase, we can check out everything by using our smartphones in matter of seconds.

When it comes to the gambling industry, the popularity of mobile games rose by 70% in 2012, and it will increase for additional 80% in the next few years.

According to statistics, bets placed by using mobile devices increased up to a hundred billion dollars, and more than 160 million people are using mobile devices to play casino games.

This particular rise in growth has been significant for the entire betting industry since people nowadays can easily play games from their households without any additional problem.

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Betting Shops and Technology

On the other hand, with traditional betting shops, it is highly challenging to attract people to enter nowadays, primarily since the competitions from mobile apps and users increased, which is why it is obsolete to hang out in real place.

At the same time, technology and apps have been incorporated into the betting shops where you can use touch screen kiosks for betting, and you can socialize with people while improving the convenience due to technological advancements.

Of course, going to a physical betting shop comes with specific advantages that you will not get with the household enjoyment. Online betting requires using card, and sometimes it may be challenging to leave your personal information since identity issues can happen.

On the other hand, when you choose in-store, you will be able to pay with cash and limit you are spending, and what is most important, no one will record you along the way.

At the same time, betting comes with significant social aspect in which chat rooms will not provide you the same level of engagement as going and hanging with other fellow gamblers that enjoy doing things as you do.

From customers to bookies, the gambling community is a unique atmosphere that you will not be able to experience by using mobile devices at household.

Since most bookmarks adopted tablet kiosks where you can use the mobile app to place a bet without any additional problem, you can also give the cash, print tickets, scan loyalty cards, which means that you will get all features like mobile apps, but you can hang with people also.

Mobile Gambling Demand Is Rising

As you can see, technology influenced gambling because it reduced the hassle during the process and improved the convenience for mobile customers so that paying can always be accessible.

This particular expectation reduces the possibility of going to betting shops, since the process of going requires additional time.

On the other hand, you can also use betting kiosks inside the shops so that you can enjoy the flexible and user-friendly option that will accelerate the customer offers and engagement.

These kiosks are perfect for the gambling industry and casinos that feature a vast array of customizable options available.

Blockchain as the Perfect Solution for Gambling Industry

You should know that blockchain is one of the most significant breakthroughs that happened in technology, and it can be incorporated into numerous industries with an idea to improve our experience in general.

Keep in mind that every single day, numerous transactions happen between users and operators, and blockchain technology can make operations more straightforward and faster.

At the same time, blockchain technology does not require third parties such as banks so that transactions could be transparent to every single participant.

You should have in mind that blockchain is great for both players and operators, because banks will not be able to block your winnings, and you do not have to wait for money to reach your account.

It will also reduce and ultimately remove fraudulent activities because no one will control personal and other information, but it will be stored at different places altogether.

The best way to learn everything about blockchain in general is by checking out this site: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/b/blockchain.asp.

Virtual Reality

In the last few years, the popularity of VR has increased and got plenty of attention from both customers and developers. Nowadays, you can use a wide array of VR options and devices, and you can use this unique experience to enjoy in real-life gambling and graphics.

However, it is still not advanced enough so that we can play video games and use it for gambling purposes, but shortly, we can expect that online casinos will incorporate this particular technology to improve customer engagement.

Of course, you will not be able to replace the feeling of entering in the real casino, but you can improve the overall experience without leaving your household.



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