Where to buy marked playing cards?


Here are different types of marked playing cards in the market, but where can we find the best and most suitable marked cards is a important question. There are some choices offered here.

Marking playing cards are a popular item among poker player and magician in the nearly ten years. In the meanwhile, there are more and more marked cards suppliers occurred. Therefore, where to buy marked playing cards is the most confused question among poker players.

marked playing cards

For most marked cards seekers, they will more rely on several major international sales platforms, such as: Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress and so on. They believe that they can get more protection of their rights in these platforms, but in the meanwhile, they will get less option than the other place. Because these platforms have more restrictions on merchants’ entry and merchants are subject to commission fee. Naturally, the price of the same quality will be high than supplier’s website. If you still insist, here is a marked cards store on Aliexpress you can visit:

If you want to have more options about marked playing cards, I would recommend you the website of marked cards suppliers. Although there are many websites, but if you want to get the most professional cards cheating devices, you can get more information from this website:

www.invisibleinkmarkedcards.com is specialized in producing and developing the luminous marked cards, infrared contact lenses, sunglasses, Texas Holdem scanning system, Omaha scanning system, invisible ink and other poker accessories. Our products are first-rate in quality and we are reliable in dealing with business. So far, we have strong regular customers from Germany, Italy, US, AUE, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Austria, and from other parts of the world.

Golden Sunshine has been devoted itself into product updating and the developing of new products those years and we have made great breakthrough in marking playing cards, producing special contact lenses and poker scanning systems. We are responsible for our products and our customers.

We believed that our company would be a nice choice as a first try, because we have more than 10 years experience on handling poker cheating devices.

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