Why You Should Play Online Progressive Slots


Why Playing the Online Progressive Slots is better

There is nothing more exciting than playing casino games. From the poker table to the variety of slot machines, you can’t go wrong for a night on the town. Many people play slot machines because they are easy, fun, and offer some of the best casino bonuses around. With bids starting as low as a penny, it’s a great way to gamble without breaking the bank. The whole idea of playing slot machines games is so you can win money. Though you may not get rich playing traditional slots, the progressive slot machines are a different story. Here are five reasons why you should try these slots.

  1. Progressive Slots Have the Biggest Payouts

However, online progressive slots can give you some of the biggest payouts around. There are numerous types of progressive slots in existence, though their payouts may fluctuate a bit. They all connect to a single central bank that is located outside the casino. The jackpots can go from the thousands all the way up to the millions. It all depends on how long it takes for someone to hit the jackpot. Any small winnings are also paid out of the pot. The jackpot is the top prize, but there are plenty of little rewards along the way. Think of the progressive’s jackpot as the free parking bank in the game of Monopoly. When someone finally does land on that magic card, the payouts are impressive. To have more playing money, consider a no deposit casino bonus. Many online communities always offer these.


  1. There Are Numerous Games to Choose from

Most online casino games are of the slot variety. Sure, they have table games too, but most people want to play the slots. Thankfully, there are thousands of various games to choose from. You can place slot games in three distinct categories which are video, classic and progressive. A classic slot machine is an old-school style. Most of these have red, white, and blue 7’s that line up on three reels. They have one pay line and are fairly straightforward. They may look updated with bright and colorful themes, but these slots are meant to be nostalgic. Video slots are a bit spicy. They have no limits, and your earnings will accumulate into an account. You can cash out whenever you like. These slots give you numerous ways of hitting that winning combination. They have stories complete with graphics, music, and even bonus rounds. The bonus rounds are where you can make big bucks. There are so many different video varieties that the sky is the limit on these machines. If you’re wondering how to win progressive slots, keep reading.

The progressive slots get a category all their own. The money that is bet goes into a pot. This jackpot is from a global network where numerous players deposit their funds. All of these players are trying to hit the big one too. The jackpot is always increasing because there are players always contributing. When playing online, it may just seem like you and your computer. However, there can be thousands of people playing and depositing funds at the same time. It’s easy to see how quickly the value of the pot can add up.

  1. The Payouts Are Not Predetermined

Regular slot machines have a pre-determined value set. Players can win different jackpots, but these jackpots will not escalate as they are all pre-set. In a progressive slot, the prizes can be quite sizable. Don’t misunderstand that regular slots don’t have good jackpots too. The jackpot on the progressive can run into the millions, which it will never do on a video slot machine. You may see games like Mega Moolah or Major Millions that has progressive jackpots that are over the million mark.

  1. An Outside Authority Manages These Machines

Some say the safety aspect of the progressive slot management cannot be ignored. The progressive slots are not managed by the casino itself. Since they are all connected, they are run by the gaming authority at an off-site location. The fact that so many entities are paying into the pot can be confusing. The transactions in and out are massive. Thus, an independent company must manage the jackpot and payouts. A standalone machine is not connected to other machines in the facility. These machines have a meter that shows you the maximum amount of the jackpot you can receive. All the video machines pay around the same amount, as it is all preset. However, if you learn to divide your money into various machine types, you can win more. When playing any game, you should aim to win and not to hit the jackpot. You can go broke trying to hit the big one. If you win some money, be thankful with that and think it was a lucky day. Set your mentality on winning not clearing out the pot as this is the how to win jackpot slots.

5. These Games Are Perfect For High Rollers

These slot machines started in the land based casinos. They were almost instantly a huge hit. The only problem is that having these machines in a brick and mortar establishment proves to be a challenge when it comes to space. The online community deals with a virtual reality that provides no space limitations. They are only reliant upon software. To really have a fair chance at winning the jackpot, you need to be the full amount each time. These are not games for those who want to spend $20 of fun money. You will see many high rollers and those who drop big money playing these machines.

How to Win Jackpot Slots 

Many players don’t like the fact that the odds are so against them when playing the slot machines. The online progressive slots don’t offer any better odds. In this type of slot, the odds can be as much as 40,000,000 to 1. Those who are looking to get the most money out of their time spend in the casino may want to consider the traditional slots. However, some say it is more exciting to play on the progressive games because the thought of getting the huge jackpot is an adrenaline rush. Still, the odds of winning are low. If you want to see some bang for your buck, then you should probably split your money at both types of machines. When dealing with progressive slots, set a certain budget and try not to exceed that limit. For those who wonder how to win progressive slots, you just need to play.

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