A Description of the Satta Game


A sudden rush of mail has me searching for a winner in the UK’s oldest satta game, known as the Queen’s Birthday Mania Satta. The news reports and police investigations seem to indicate that whoever wins this prize gets the choice of either a fraction of the total jackpot or the entire prize. Given the sudden rush of mail I assume it is the former.

Lucky Lotteries, as this game is now called, first began in 1884 in Brazil, where it had been known as the Satta King game. It was named after an old fort on the Cidade de Queimada in Rio de Janeiro, which housed the original pool hall. The name was then changed to the Satta Game, because the pool hall, with its name, suited the game.

The first Satta Game in the UK was announced in October 1988. This means there are now over 250 UK lotto winners!

The rules of the Satta Game are simple. Players must take turns placing their number cards face down in front of them, in the same order each time. You will then be given a ‘pick’ which indicates how many of your cards will remain face up in front of you after the next player picks.

When a player has picked up all of his cards, he is done for the round. He is only entitled to one pick per round. As soon as this happens, each player must discard all of his cards back into the pool.

If players want to make it to the next round, they have to return the remainder of their cards, face up, to the pool. They will be able to pick up again, but they cannot pick more than they have remained in front of them. Once again, they must return their cards face up to the pool, and repeat the process all over again.

Every time you pick, you will be told the result of the pick. It is very important that you understand the odds that are attached to your numbers. A pick will be done by drawing all of the cards from the pool, face down. Then players will take turns, in order, picking cards out of the pool.

If a player wants to change the pick, he may do so by writing a different card on top of the card already chosen. In the case of a tie, the pick will be the next highest card. To keep track of what cards you have picked up, you will need to keep a list of these cards, on which you can type in the date on which you made your last pick.

The initial picks will always be chosen in numerical order, and the final numbers will always be the lowest numerical position of these numbers. For example, the first pick may be a 3, the second pick 7, and so on. The highest numerical positions will always be numbers 1 through 10.

The order in which you pick will not be followed, unless the next pick you choose is identical to the current pick. Any number that is even or odd will be used. Odd numbers are never picked, even numbers will be picked over even ones, and vice versa.

At the end of the Satta Game, all of the players will have their numbers printed out, and they will be required to place these numbers on each numbered ticket. Once the tickets have been read, and the result revealed, the player with the most tickets will win the prize.

If you are going to play in the Satta Game, it is important to choose a reliable supplier. Make sure you know who will be checking the tickets, as well as who will be opening the draw, as these are the only people who will have the responsibility of clearing and counting the tickets.

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