Always check the result and don’t lose hope:


The thing in the lottery system that many people think that they can’t win the lottery and at the result. They don’t even check the numbers of the ticket that whether they won or not. And this is something that no one should do. Because in lottery no one can say the who will win the lottery and when the luck will turn in favors. So, it is always recommended to check the result of the lottery. It doesn’t matter the someone has won or lost. But at least check the result and find out the numbers. So, that one can win on the next lottery session.

And as in Thailand many people just buy the lotteries and don’t check the result. This is highly unprofessional and doesn’t do such things. Like the Stock lottery results [ผล หวย หุ้น, which is the term in Thai] have declared today go and check it out.

Is there any lucky number in the lottery?

No one can say which number will become the 1st prize in the lottery. The numbers are always chosen randomly so, the chances are very less for any Lucky number for lottery [เลขเด็ด, which is the term in Thai]. Because if there are any lucky numbers available then people will always go with such numbers. And always win the money. But some websites provide lucky numbers and it is generated on the basis of last number that got first prize. So, one can trust those numbers.

Chances of winning the prize

Everyone knows that the winning chances in the lottery are very less. Only about 2 to 3% chances are there to win the 1st prize. And to be in the 1st prize people should always be careful while choosing the lottery ticket.

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