History Of Online Slots 


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It is funny to think that not even two decades ago online slots pretty much may not have even existed. Back then slot machine entertainment was still very much confined to casino halls, bars, pubs or chip shops – it had to be played on a real-life physical state slot machine. Sure, around about the turn of the millennium savvy tech-heads were beginning to see a way of converting these online slots into an phenomenon like 666casino.com, but there was a lot of work still to be done. 

Without the efforts of these early software developers, however, we may not have online slots in nearly the same capacity as we do today. They opened up the gates for a seemingly endless wave of progress, with the games of today being leagues apart from the examples coming out in the early 2000s. Read on for a brief history of online slots. 

Humble Beginnings of the Slot Game

Temple Of Isis is widely recognised to be the first proper online slot to be readily available to any member of the public with an adequate Internet connection. Back in the early 2000s there was a race to the proverbial finish line by many developers trying to make these kind of games, with Eyecon narrowly pipping the others to win.

Still though, this wasn’t much to go on about, because the games in the beginning were incredibly rudimentary and not at all pretty to look at. It all meant that, whilst online slots had emerged, it would be a while until the market would grow to the size it is now. 

Major Expansion in Slots

The foundations were set in the mid 2000s, and after The Gambling Act 2005 more and more developers were beginning to turn their attention to this new emerging market. Naturally with more attention came a lot more innovation, and the incredibly simplistic first online slots quickly gave way for an influx of much more complex games. 

The biggest change was the decision by developers to add in more reels and pay lines to their games, a move that immediately made them a lot more of an exciting thing to play. 

3D Slot Technology 

Another example of how technological progress impacted online slots is with the introduction of 3D graphics to the online slots sphere. This was a big landmark in the history of online slots, becoming a true indicator of the potential of this burgeoning market. 

Developers such as NetEnt or Yggdrasil led the pack when it comes to 3D graphics, and still do, with games such as Starburst or Aloha! Cluster Pays really showing the level of fun that can be had with 3D technology.   

Mobile Slots 

The emergence of mobile slot gaming was another huge moment in the history of online slots, providing the impetus for the industry to expand at an ever-increasing rate. Due things like HTML5 technology people could now spin the reels on their mobile phones, and you know what that means don’t you? They could gamble from pretty anywhere, at any time!

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