How Random Jackpot in Slots Work


If you’re an avid online slot player, you will be into pleasant surprises in the games because they offer numerous features that you love and these include wild symbols, scatters and bonus rounds. And to make your session even more fun and enjoyable, the Gclub also offers numerous random jackpot games. They are some of the most known online slots that can give you higher jackpot prizes. But how do they really work? This is by far one of the most common questions of online slot players. To answer it, read the following for your reference.

How Do Random Jackpots Work?

It is pretty simple to understand. It goes like this—while you’re making a spin or playing any of the bonus games like free spin, you always have the chance to being awarded the random jackpot after completion of a paid spin. Every time you play with real money spin of a GClub slot, a small amount of the stake is fed into the random jackpot pool. In this case, the more players playing the higher the random prize will be.2

Remember that winning this type of jackpot is based on a total of $1, but your chance is either decreased or increased proportionally depending on the overall total of your spin amount. For example, playing a single line spin on a one-cent coin value gives 100 times less chance to hitting a random jackpot than you would get for a $1 spin. It is because a part of your stake is added to the random prize, and it isn’t more than 1.5% of the return to player (RTP).

When playing at the Gclub, players set their game at a centavo per spin before activating the auto play feature to make a thousand spins automatically. What is the objective? The goal is increasing the number of their spins, without spending a huge portion of their bankroll, giving them a better chance of winning in the game.

As a general rule of random jackpots, any player stands a chance to winning it, but as they say, high rollers, due to higher stakes, are at a better position to winning it than slot players that wager pennies.2

You should not despair though, as even low rollers win it, so don’t be put off.

How do you know that you hit the g club random jackpot? It is so easy! While playing, you would know if you see a message popping on your screen alerting you that you have won it. And if you do, the entire jackpot as displayed on the meter is going to be transferred into your account. After, the jackpot meter will be reset to show a seed jackpot prize, which will grow as more and more players play the random jackpot slot game.

Practice with Free Random Jackpot Slots

If you are still getting the grips of online slots and you don’t want to play with real money yet, then you can do it in a good casino that lets you play as many games as you want. Later, you can decide if you wish to play with real money and have a shot to winning a whopping random jackpot prize!

Random jackpot slots work in a straightforward manner and either low or high roller can have a chance at winning anytime during their session. You will never know when, so keep on spinning! However, see to it that you set a time limit and budget or a portion of your bankroll before playing and stick with it, one of the most important bankroll management strategies to apply not only in slots but also in other online casino games. Finally, get the most out of your games by not putting pressure on yourself but just enjoying every spin.

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