How to Pick a Winning Pokie Machine


Understanding how to pick a winningpokie machine is de rigeurfor any gambler, but it’s easier said than done. Entire books and countless articles have been written on this topic alone, and there’s an awful lot of misinformation out there propounded by self-professed industry insiders who claim to have the scoop on the highest paying pokies out there. Some of them might be right, but how can you know for sure? By the time you’ve found out, you might’ve sent thousands of dollars down the drain chasing red herrings. In our experience, the only certain way to identify a winning pokie machine is by relying on external data you can observe with your own two eyes. Here’s how to pick a winningpokie machine – and more importantly where you can access and play the best free pokies onlineImage result for How to Pick a Winning Pokie Machine

  1. Size Matters… Sorry Lads

When you’re studying the win data for any pokie machine, the size of the payout is a crucial factor that many people overlook. Many pokie machines are designed to trick you into thinking you’re winning by giving you tiny but frequent jackpots, usually on one or two paylines at most, when in reality you’re still playing a losing session. These machines are then touted by manufacturers as “high-paying”, citing the frequency of payouts as evidence of this assertion. Don’t be fooled by the hype. The size of the payout is crucial when deciding how to pick a winningpokie machine.

  1. Placement of the Pokies – Sneaky Sneaky Slots

Casino owners obviously stand to gain from visitors playing the worst-paying slot machines. They’ve therefore devised all sorts of strategies to attract customers to these machines. Machines right at the front of the casino are likely to be significantly worse-paying than those further in the back. Pokies next to the bar are also likely to be stingy – these are placed so as to catch the eye of the thirsty customer returning with a pint of beer. Go for machines far away from the entrances and the common areas. Those right smack in the center of the casino usually pay best.

  1. Game Format and Number of Lines

No article teaching you how to pick a winningpokie machine would be complete without warning you off two sure-lose categories of pokie. The first is the option multiplier, which brings additional symbols into play when bet size increases, making it harder for you to land winning combinations. The second is the payline multiplier, which brings additional paylines into play when bet size increases. Betting more in return for lower odds of winning is just perverse. Don’t do it if you’re trying to figure out how to pick a winningpokie machine!


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