Lighter poker scanner


poker scanner analyzer

You can buy various camera barcode cards on our website Lighter Playing Card Scanner is a playing card scam trick.

If you look at the lighter poker scanner, it is difficult to find the difference between the normal lighter and the lighter marked card camera. There is a poker cheat camera in the lighter. If you put it on the poker table, it could automatically scan barcode-marked cards. Lighter playing card camera can work with any poker analyzer, for example, CVK poker analyze cheat, AKK poker analyzer devices and PK King online poker analyzer, etc.

Lighter poker scanner is safe and reliable for scanning all barcode cards for everyone who is familiar with it. The scanning distance is 10-30cm, and you could custom different scanning distances.

Would you like to learn more about bar code readers for bar code readers? We have other lighter models for your selection.

Infrared Contact Lenses for Cheating Omaha Game

Omaha is a type of poker game. There are various poker machines that you can use to win in games.

With the help of marked poker card contact lenses in Omaha games, you can see invisible markings on the back of marked poker cards. These invisible ink marks are bright to infrared contact lenses, and you can get to know poker points and poker suits directly.

The poker player can know other players’ cards in advance; it is good to help them know the outcome of the game easily and safely. You wear them in your eyes, just like normal contact lenses. You will feel soft and comfortable. The most important thing is that these infrared contact lenses do not change the eye color.

Our infrared contact lenses are used not only to cheat on Omaha games but also to cheat on Texas Hold’em and Blackjack games, etc. If you want to use other poker machines, we also have various poker machines for your selection.

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