Online casino: history, features, advantages!


Currently online gambling is available to everyone, ensuring high-quality, exciting, informative and profitable leisure. Thanks to the variety of content from leading and emerging brands, the gamer gets acquainted with a variety of subjects, evaluates the design style, acquires practical skills for conducting a virtual session. The machines are launched in demo and paid versions, satisfying the needs of the gamer and giving an exciting feeling of risk, the long-awaited surge of adrenaline in the blood.

A tour of the past

The history of gambling is interesting and contradictory.

It is known that researchers do not call the exact date of occurrence of fun, later ranked as gambling. The birthplace of card, table entertainment are the ancient Eastern countries: China, India, where the trail of windy Fortune leads to Europe. Some entertainment had a sacral character: the Tarot deck is used to predict the future is dotted with secret signs and mysterious images of the leaves served as a kind of Oracle. Philosophical sense of the incomprehensibility of existence still enchants of the player, eagerly awaiting the outcome of the spin or of the party, dependent solely upon the will of the case.

Baccarat is hugely popular in the virtual world, in centuries past was a privilege of aristocrats: the random combination of cards could give you a hint to select the sacrifices to the gods. A man has long understood: the unpredictability of the result of throwing dice card combination; stop a white ball on any sector of the roulette wheel-these factors are a manifestation of his Majesty’s Case, which serves as a bait for connoisseurs of dizzying surprises and unexpected results.

Land gambling establishments

A growing number of fans of adventurous pastime led to the idea of Venetian rulers to systematize the game, limiting access to them by the common people. 1638 was a significant year in the history of the casino – was opened the first institution called Ridotto. Plebeians were not allowed to know the alluring secrets of aristocratic games-the privilege to enjoy the exciting fun provided only to the rich. This approach has caused a storm of protest among the common people, who advocate for the availability of gambling leisure. If you would know where this will lead!

Many connoisseurs of thrills lost the whole States, titles, palaces and a good name, having carried away pleasant, and, at the same time, dangerous occupation. For the sake of honesty, it is worth mentioning that the very first unofficial casino should be considered any room where there was a necessary “props”: card tables, dice, roulette. The notable person forgets about everything in pursuit of fickle fortune at stake was an impressive amount. Gradually, “gambling fever’ reached Europe, captivating representatives of the monarch’s court. It is known that the courtiers of Louis IX – “Sun King”, in moments of melancholy or watch the lush balls, they entertained themselves with card parties. Games became more widespread, intriguing ordinary citizens. Ambiguous attitude to the dubious kind of rest churchmen, considering entertainment is the invention of Satan. The strict verdict has quite a few strange confirmations, like the mystical sum of all the numbers on the red and black sectors reaching 666.

However, the popularity of entertainment has not decreased: foreign ambassadors gradually instilled a love of passion to the representatives of the Royal court of England. It was forbidden to indulge in amusement only to soldiers; the boyars who lived in prosperity continued to “wind” money, serfs, and States with pleasure. There were times in history when uncontrolled gambling is under strict prohibition – it is evident in recent years: land-based halls that delighted users original design, comfortable service, abundance, closed, subject to the severity of the law.

Convenience of the virtual format

However, in the vast worldwide Web there were online casinos that accept guests in reality. The advantages of resources are obvious: the activation of simulators takes place at a convenient time for the client; the guest avoids the influence of the “human factor” on the result. Confidentiality and security are guaranteed, which radically distinguishes online casinos from land-based halls with a peculiar atmosphere and environment. To play successfully, you must select the operator. Should choose less relevant to the residents of the region.

The evidence of loyalty is the use of convenient game currencies, common Deposit methods, a website in their native language, prompt and competent technical support. To extend the rights you need to register-create and fill in a profile. It offers identification with a social partner network or filling in a standard electronic form. The procedure takes a few minutes, opening gamer access to unique branded content. Undeniable advantages of an online casino-a chance to earn money, have fun, relax and unwind.

What is required to visit an online casino? Suitable stationary or mobile gadget, and a network connection. The menu range of most operators is admirable; the devices are available for money and in a demonstration format. The second option is preferable for beginners; gamers from regions where gambling is prohibited by law; juvenile visitors falling under the age limit.

Appearance and structure

Online casinos look stylish and impressive, thanks to the modern possibilities of computer graphics. To go to the website of the service, the operator provides the appropriate link.¬†Wonderful subway for game is online casino SlotsPlanetOnline. Developers in every possible way attract attention of target audience to the masterpieces: the main pages often are full of attractive advertizing banners, game previews. “Quality mark” of the club is a clear structuring of sections, providing easy, comfortable navigation. The simplicity of the build and the usability of the site attracted no less than spectacular style interface. Thematic entertainment sites are multi-page, focusing the guest’s attention on the blocks with games, bonuses and promotions, tournaments, VIP-offers, technical support, etc.

In the tab with games presents products of popular and emerging brands, different thematic and plot diversity, which is typical for video slots. This category is widely represented, forming a significant sector and taking advantage of the constant success with customers. The casino strives to maintain a partnership with a variety of manufacturers in order to regularly replenish the range of products. Slots delight with simple algorithms, the presence of special symbols, additional rounds, doubling mode. A worthy place is occupied by card and table models addressed to intellectuals. To improve the effectiveness should thoroughly know the rules, be guided in the formation of combinations, quickly make the right decisions, know the intricacies of building gameplay, have developed analytical thinking.

It is much easier to activate modifications Roulette: it is enough to assign loans to the sector, characteristics, a group of numbers, waiting for the results of the online session. Extreme simplicity differ keno lotteries, bingo giving instant results. Live Casino section presents the real games available on the bets, which are broadcast from specially equipped studios under the guidance of a live dealer. The player is offered a set of alternative fun associated with sweepstakes, simulators. This is a virtual horse racing; the machines, visualising certain sports.

On the main page of the casino is a search engine; there is an option of sorting by genre, alphabet, novelty. The devices are accompanied by professional review articles indicating the technical characteristics, which coordinates the choice of the gamer, providing him with objective information.

Responsible gaming policy

The most important aspect of the casino is the availability of a license, compliance with legal norms. Solid, respectable resources are not hiding documents, performing the function of a legal “Foundation” for the operation of the portal. Emulators random number generators are regularly tested by independent auditors, which increases the level of trust of visitors. If you have any questions, it is recommended to seek advice and find a solution. It is easy: the player contacts the consultant using the information specified in the contacts-e-mail address, online chat, phone number. Consultation is more accessible and understandable in the native language, justifying the choice of domestic institutions.

An online casino is a great option of access to the world of gambling, a kind of key that allows you to open the doors of interest to understand the secrets of skill, approaching the title of a professional. As a worthy motivation are luxurious bonuses and progressive jackpots offered by gaming clubs. You can launch the machines after you create an account using no Deposit casino funds. The promotion of category “D” save money casino visitors as the percentage cash back. It is recommended to invite friends to the system, to be active by participating in the loyalty program – to accumulate computer points, increasing the status. The online casino will make the long-awaited diversity in everyday life, giving positive emotions and pleasant rest, expanding horizons and showering generous gifts of luck!


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