Predicting the Nearest Future of the Online Wagering World: 2017 Suggestions


2016 had its ups and downs as any other year for the industry of online wagering. It also had its trends that are continuing now: more women are involved into games, and smartphones become the main source of wagering online. But people always want to look into the future and see what awaits them. We can’t tell for sure about the fate of this world in 10 years, but we surely can make some predictions for 2017.

The main prediction is that the portable online wagering market will rise up to $100 billion. Quality gaming websites like M88 are growing in popularity due to the availability of mobile versions. People can wager and play casino games 24/7, from anywhere in the world, just taking their phones or tables and opening an app or a browser.

As the youth that is grown up now was firstly introduced to a phone than to a PC, they start playing online casinos with their phones. The market growth to $100 billion as the s prediction for 2017 can be explained by the profit from both sides. The websites get constant traffic as people play more; the gamers have more time and opportunities, as all they need is their phone.

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One more prediction include technologies like holographic lenses. If they are popularized during 2017, the gamers will have an opportunity to place different screens on minimal space. This will allow them play multiple games and bet on multiple services, which will again work great for both sides.

The third prediction is that more online casinos will enhance their options for money transactions. For example, Bitcoin is getting accepted in multiple new casinos every couple of months, so probably this will lead to the further increasing of financing options. This will again bring more people to play, and the price of one Bitcoin itself will change according to the situation.

Summing Up

These are the main three predictions on this year that may influence the world of online wagering. All three will most probably come true – maybe not as the predictions for 2017, but in the near future. There is one thing that is clear: the demand on online casino activities is growing exponentially.

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