Reasons Why Kenyans Are Into Gambling?


Since some of us particularly Kenyans tend to believe with the perspective of winning back all our invested money in gambling as soon as we won, many are being allured by this concept. 

While this idea strengthens the guts of persons under the poverty line as they happen to think of the idea that they don’t have anything else to miss, the amount of money being spent in betting games continuously grows each day. This is one of the key factors causing obsession in some countries around the globe. What makes it even worse is that despite their age, children in Kenya are being exposed and are allowed to play this type of game as the owners also consider collecting profits from them.

As you may know a lot of teenage boys from China and other countryside also finds it jubilating to play at some slot machines in the country. Some even neglect to spend money on food and other important stuff to earn enough money to spend on gambling. Furthermore, in some exclusive city areas gambling is very common as they even do mobile gambling by means of modern technology gadgets such as their phones and computers.

It has been widely spread that even in some sports betting become popular. On the other hand, above all these issues, the Kenyan government, however, still do their best to put an end to this matters by seizing all kinds of gaming machine that’s exclusive for minors.

As early as 2018, gambling in Kenya has earned 200 million dosh from unauthorized gambling operations. Moreover, a big percentage of gamblers are minimum wage earners who are inspired by the belief that winning betting games and other forms of gambling are one way to gain bigger income. 

Furthermore, behind all these issues on sports betting in Kenya, some local authorities are being reported operating the slot machines not so long after it is confiscated. This issue leads to the suspension of all kinds of gambling, affecting even legal operating ones.

These are only a few of the reasons why Kenyans are into gambling, but if you desire to know more you can read more in the infographic below from Chezacash.


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